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Doja Cat - Like That (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane

dojacatVEVO photo 1 Doja Cat - Like That... dojacatVEVO photo 2 Doja Cat - Like That... dojacatVEVO photo 3 Doja Cat - Like That... dojacatVEVO photo 4 Doja Cat - Like That...

Doja's pants reminds me of James Charles pants that one time ๐Ÿ‘€

by GreenTea 1 week ago

9 year old heat gachas be like:


by H0 PE 19 hours ago

Someone who likes this will become a millionaire someday.

by A random person 1 day ago

It makes me extremely happy whenever people get animated shots in their music videos

It makes me extra extremely happy when those animated shots reference Sailor Moon

by D-O-9 Bessa 1 day ago

People: doja cat is Cancelled.
Doja cat: gets 20m views in 1 week

by DOG fIsH 22 hours ago

Can we take a moment to appreciate her dancing. Queen slays

by Trey Sebastian 1 week ago

dislikes are all from people thinks she's so intense and porny, she's hot and glamorous. They're all overthinking.

by Cute Mรจo 1 day ago

No-one is going to talk about that split she did at the end?.pretty cool

by Brenda Njeru 2 days ago

This is how you know someone can really dance, they don't have to do a lot to grab attention.

by R. Heart 1 day ago

Donโ€™t you ever see a comment and think, โ€œdamn, I wish I wrote thatโ€

by nausseaa 1 day ago

No one gonna talk about how this studio didnt credit the artist who created the animated sequences in this video? In only THREE days? Animation is HARD. The talented animator is Curie Lu. Show them credit where itโ€™s due.

Edit (Update from Curie Lu on Twitter): "I want to apologize to @PsychoFilmsLLC and all parties including Doja. My comments on not being credited were in no direct connection to Psycho Films, Dreambear, or Doja Cat and was a misunderstanding. My work on the project is acknowledged by all parties and I did not understand the crediting process in the way that is handled in music videos."

by Jay Alco 1 week ago

bruh just look at twitter she debunked everything yall tried to cancel her for

by kpoptea 1 day ago

canโ€™t we take a moment to realize this is the woman who put french fries up her nose and called herself a cow-

by {loving vibes} 1 day ago

doja : twerking
me : nodding my head aggressively

by cha cooky 1 day ago

I didnโ€™t come from tiktok, but this song is a bop

by isaiah bennett 1 day ago

The animation looks like Doja is a winx club character though, and Iโ€™m here for it!

by Velika Chandna 1 week ago

Dojaโ€™s body is just, ughhh sheโ€™s so naturally beautiful

by FBI 1 day ago

She really said James Charles who with dem pants

by Kk Green 1 day ago

Doja's tracks are DOPE and she shouldn't be praised only by Say So BUT HER WHOLE ALBUM WORK!!! ๐Ÿ™Œ

by A. D. 1 day ago

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