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The Secret Base Greenland Base of Project Iceworm

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This shows the facility built by the United States government in the 1960's called Camp Century.

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DOCUMENTARY TUBE photo 1 The Secret Base Greenland Base... DOCUMENTARY TUBE photo 2 The Secret Base Greenland Base... DOCUMENTARY TUBE photo 3 The Secret Base Greenland Base... DOCUMENTARY TUBE photo 4 The Secret Base Greenland Base...

protective clothing consists of a short-sleeved t-shirt and booties.

by Sam Houston 2 years ago

Anyone besides me have the ACME shipments to the Coyote come to mind when reading the labeling on the portable nuclear power plant crate?

by Rudy Schwab 11 months ago

My dad was part of that.
(Cat mechanic)

by eugene julson 11 months ago

Isn't this how the original " THE THING " movie started out????

by Kevin Brown 11 months ago

When men were men. I don't think we could build anything like this again.

With the low testosterone in men today and the feminist training sessions that the military has to go through every month I don't see the military able to do this sort of work

We did so much with so few men

Now we have ten thousand men and we can't get even a tenth of this done

Looking at all of the bunkers that were built in Europe and the United States during the 40s and 50s even into the 60s, it is mind-boggling how much was accomplished

One of the biggest projects was excavating almost a mile across and 250 ft down.

in two years time using onsite concrete plants they were able to build a 15 story structure and cover it with 60 ft of soil

there were several of these built that I know of that are still in use today

There were many more smaller structures, numbering in the 100s

Most of those are still in use today

And they were built with almost no one knowing

Not to mention the missile silos that were built

Those were impressive

several of the silos are still in use today is private residences and the bunkers are in use as storage for large data centers

by ocsrc 9 months ago

The nuclear core was removed shortly after the camp was decommissioned. As for the "political controversy" promoted by the nuclear power source, it is bunk. Danish liaisons were not only part of the planning, but also took part in the environmental monitoring. What everyone got worked up about was the vertical ablation of the camp into the ice. By 2090, with earlier projections, what is left of Camp Century will be 67 meters below the surface. There are several areas where future liquid meltwater can mix with some PCB's from insulators and other electrical materials (like transformers) left behind to pollute the water, long before it could be detected. However, due to the current warming trends at the northern pole, the ice sheet melt will soon overtake the vertical ablation and begin to expose the camp materials to the surface. Under the NATO treaty, the waste products are solely owned by the US Government and they will be responsible to remove it. At the moment it is being used as a barometer for the lifecycle for certain man made products in long duration cold.

by Tech Admin 1 years ago

I was stationed at Thule in 1989. Little was left of the ramp and only the rocks outlining the buildings of Camp Tuto were left. Except for a flagpole, there was nothing much above ground. My job was to make certain the contractors that ran the flightline complied with the contract. I went to camp Tuto multiple times dropping off survey teams, ice coring teams, scientists, etc. Tough job! Got to see a lot of the history of the area.Running the flightline has it's perks.

When you arrive at Thule and exit the aircraft, you look around and realize that man is not in charge here, mother nature runs the joint. Impressive beyond belief.

by Dave Small 2 years ago

Leave the dog. It's "The Thing"

by abjr2010 1 years ago

THIS had to be highly classified when it was made. Portable Nuclear reactor in 1960? Did you notice the lack of protection being worn by the people working IN THE CORE? WOW.

by Kodiakbear1966 11 months ago

Alco portable nuclear reactors! Every family home should not be without one! Order yours today! Operators are standing by!

by M Kerr 11 months ago

So much smoking for a windowless under ice habitat, ha ha. Must have been like being in the car with my parents in the seventies..

by Robert Summerhayes 9 months ago

So basically we already own Greenland...lol

by Den Smith 11 months ago

**The building of Camp Century looks a lot like what was built on the Antartica .. thank you for sharing that documentary **

by sahara alfie 11 months ago

I was lucky enough too work in a bunch of these sites that had been built in the 50's 30/40 years after they had been built most were still functional.

by Deepblu dude 11 months ago

- Whats the protective clothing here, the bags on the feet or the t-shirts? 😂
I've never seen nuclear fuel rods being handled that way...

by Ganiscol 8 months ago

One of "Vault Tech's" earlier concepts, lol.

by Stan Ulch 10 months ago

when did a coton t-shirt become "protective clothing"!!!!wonder how many of them got cancer

by jh j 11 months ago

On March 30, 1867, the United States purchased Alaska from the Russian Empire for 7.2 million U.S. dollars.People made fun of that sale.Who's laughing now?????????????????????

by Tom Berry 10 months ago

The camp was abandoned about 1966 because underground facilities cant withstand shifting ice.

by wayne Last 11 months ago

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