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Here’s Why Trump’s COVID Diagnosis Was A Disaster

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President Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19. Even though it’s been several days now, and we’ve known this was possible for months, it’s still so bizarre to read. Unfortunately, the tragedy of COVID-19 does not just stop at the infection of people like Donald Trump, but rather extends to the megaphones of our most mainstream media outlets. I’ve been in more Twitter feuds over the last week than I have been in my entire life on the platform, arguing with contributors to outlets like CNN, The Washington Post, and Fox News, among others. It seems to me that this virus and our political vitriol towards each other has caused us to lose all sense of logic and decency. From criticizing DO’s (Doctor’s of Osteopathic Medicine) for being inferior to asking doctors on TV to participate in “tabloid medicine”, I’m almost beginning to lose my cool. Today I walk you through what’s brought me to my breaking point.

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Doctor Mike photo 1 Here’s Why Trump’s COVID Diagnosis... Doctor Mike photo 2 Here’s Why Trump’s COVID Diagnosis... Doctor Mike photo 3 Here’s Why Trump’s COVID Diagnosis... Doctor Mike photo 4 Here’s Why Trump’s COVID Diagnosis...

I love angry Doctor Mike, passionately dismantling misinformation with facts is always an entertaining watch.

by Arthur TV 1 month ago

Finally, someone isn’t taking a side talking about how the left is doing bad and the right is doing bad, he is talking about how we are all doing bad.

by Mr. Microwave 3 weeks ago

2020: Doctors do Journalism better than actual journalists.

by Christian Paez 3 weeks ago

Everyone's gangsta, till Dr. Mike doesn't do his beewoop.

by Bill Clinton 2 weeks ago

This video defines "I'm not angry, just disappointed"

by Yuriy Lehki 2 weeks ago

Whoa, I've never seen Doctor Mike so upset, but I'm so glad he's taking a stand against misunderstanding and hypocrisy.

by This is Tech Today 1 month ago

I love how people are trying to go up against Dr. Mike and his fellow cohorts. Less than 1% of people become doctors and less than 7% of students are admitted to medical school regardless if it is allopathic or osteopathic. These people are doctors for a reason. They studied hard as hell, worked hard as hell, stayed up for countless hours, seen humanity in its rawest forms, and people are going to try and discount all of this by looking at the letters after their last name...

by Winston Ling 3 weeks ago

Trump getting elected didn't create the people's hate, it revealed it..

by Adamimmune 3 weeks ago

"God forbid you end up in an emergency room or in a trauma situation - I'm sure you're not gonna be checking if there's a DO or MD saving your life."
Drops mic.
Mic explodes.

by Sobel 3 weeks ago

I like how he doesn’t put out his political opinion he just says be smart be safe and don’t attack doctors

by Magical Cow 1 week ago

This is exactly what it feels like to be yelled at by the really chill teacher..

by Hilary Hanson 4 weeks ago

"When did this disagreement become this bad"?
When people started to confuse "free country" with "I have the right to do what I want", even worse when the "I have the right to do what I want" comes along with "without caring about others".

by DarkKyugara 2 weeks ago

"You're not bringing people together. You're not improving the world"
That touched me!
I'm proud of Doctor Mike :)

by Sri sh 3 weeks ago

It’s how I feel when people tell me I’m “just a nurse” or scoff at me when I say I want to become a nurse practioner. “Why not just become a doctor??” Pisses me off. An advanced practice provider is an advanced practice provider.

by juliet 3 weeks ago

“ This should not be shut down by Twitter, this should be shut down by you and I” -Dr. Mike

by halo wings 3 weeks ago

I respect this man.. And I rarely find someone that is respectful these days

by Bedtime Stories 2 weeks ago

Angry Dr. Mike has stolen my heart. You can see, hear, and feel his passion and his knowledge is wonderfully displayed. So happy he takes the time to educate on a social media platform.

by brittany moses 4 weeks ago

Poor Doctor Mike. He seems so tired and fed up. Honestly I don’t blame him., this year has been so stressful with all this going on.

by Stephanie Czepiel 2 weeks ago

YES, the media IS more like gossip than truth. It's disgusting and tearing our country apart.

by Semi Veg 4 weeks ago

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