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Americans First Reaction to Cristiano Ronaldo | DLS Edition

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DLS reacts to the great Cristiano Ronaldo best goals of the decade! Great reactions to this greatness!
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DLS photo 1 Americans First Reaction to Cristiano... DLS photo 2 Americans First Reaction to Cristiano... DLS photo 3 Americans First Reaction to Cristiano... DLS photo 4 Americans First Reaction to Cristiano...

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by DLS 5 months ago

“Messi never has a bad game” that aged well am I right my bayern fans?🤣

by Dinho 4 months ago

Bro try to watch cristiano ronaldo"the man who can do everything and 15 things you didnt know about cristiano ronaldo"..great video...

by Ridso06 Sidro06 5 months ago

That video didn't do Ronaldo Justice, why watch only his goals? He's got so much more

by Umar Ihab 5 months ago

Wrong video choice.. You should do "the man who can do everything" or "the ultimate showman" to know how good he is.

by Keeping up with Ita 5 months ago

It wasnt the other team, it was just his teammate in a training jacket because he was on the bench

by Sheikh Robbie 5 months ago

When it comes down to cr7 and Messi u really can’t compare them just appreciate these two 🐐 🐐💯✨

by LøuìsV 4 months ago

Y’all are wayyyyyy too uncultured😭 the knuckle and dip he puts on some of those long shots is unparalleled

by Russell Redell 4 months ago

"messi never has a bad game" he literally disappears when his team needs him.

by hehe xd 3 months ago

bruhh this ain't even all of his best goals. There's so many more from his ManU days

by Dominic Bosco 4 months ago

The power on his shot is so strong it can actually brake bone. He broke a fans arm from a missed free kick

by Some ting Long 4 months ago

they did some test on this guy and it showed that he jumps higher than the average nab player

by jui gui 4 months ago

no xd
It is the training suit

THAT is actually the other team's croud applauding him, and ironically enough he is now currently playing for that team

by Buga 4 months ago

Reaction to Zlatan Ibrahimovic would be amazing (Zlatan Ibrahimovic ● Craziest Skills Ever ● Impossible Goals)

by Marixx 4 months ago

Messi is mad genius his vision and dribbling is out of this world he is really GOD gifted He is a LEGEND too but but but Cristiano is THE LEGEND KILLER, He is about the hard work when talent fails, He is the one who makes great Vision-ists go blind, His hang time in the air is surreal and last but not the least He is THE GOAT.

by HankHomaOmes 4 months ago

“them n..... just kiss?” 😭 i’m dead bro y’all funny ash

by Josue Rosario 2 months ago

When it comes to Ronaldo reaction you literally no need to say watch till the end😆

by GICHIK D TARE 4 months ago

The goalkeeper took a knee because the ball moved in the air, it dipped really quickly. it's a knuckleball, i think the same thing exists in baseball.

by R. H.F. 4 months ago

I suggest you to react to ronaldinho i bet you'll forget all tricksters you have seen up untill today he is the guy who made people stick to the matcg even if its not highscoring game.

by Ramdibaaz Londa 4 months ago

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