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why I am the best IMPOSTOR player in Among Us...

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Disguised Toast is back with his friends for some more teamwork and deception action in Among us. ft. Valkyrae, Sykkuno, daph, Day6 Jae Park, fuslie, KristoferYee
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Disguised Toast photo 1 why I am the best... Disguised Toast photo 2 why I am the best... Disguised Toast photo 3 why I am the best... Disguised Toast photo 4 why I am the best...

oooooo this one was such a good game

by KristoferYee 2 months ago

"the impostors only killed 1 person, toast has killed two"


by hwhw Akra 2 months ago

Sykkuno's tell - "sykkuno, are you an impostor?"

"No I'm not" - he's not.
"What?" - he is.

by PaddyRoon7 2 months ago

He's so good but...he's quiet EVERYTIME he is an imposter

by TattedSon31 2 months ago

The first one reminds me of a match where the Imposter was AFK the whole match and crew still lost. Everyone just kept on calling meetings for any suspect action and air locking innocent people.

by Her Royal HIGHness 2 months ago

When Toast is right, he’s really right, but when he’s wrong, he kills more than the imposters.

by Taytaycole 2 months ago

Toast: kills 3 people
Toast: "wHy mE?!"
It isn't more complex than this. This is it.

by Taizo Michael 2 months ago

game: *there are two impostors among us
toast: there's three, actually

by Flare Wingding 2 months ago

Toast Votes out 2 random people
Also toast: LISTEN GUYS

by xdEhlz 2 months ago

My favorite part was the solid two minutes of Toast singing "someone come with me to do my fossil quest" over and over

by Kevin McMillen 2 months ago

Toast is the best imposter because he kills more people than the actual imposters XD

by Timothy Lai 2 months ago

sykkuno is always one of the first people to die, so if he’s alive when a lot of people have died — it’s probably him. and for rae, everytime she’s imposter and toast says it’s someone, she always votes for Toast & calls everyone sheep.

by alexis 2 months ago

When The Judge Sents You To Prison Ramdomly
You: Why?
Judge: Idk You Kinda sus

by DonYT 2 months ago

When toast just makes calls via his “strategy”, everyone is flipping a coin.

by A Person 2 months ago

dude it would be so cool if they made a really realistic version of this game where you are in first person and made it scary as shit somehow

by Cato 2 months ago

Nobody even noticed how quiet toast was second game.

by Tony johnson 2 months ago

‘IM GUNnA kiLL ya syKkUNo,IM guNnA enJOY kILlINg yOU SYkKunO-‘

the ad - aesthetic music starts playing

by Yellow Noodel 2 months ago

I'm shocked how they just don't kill Toast at the beginning of Every Game

by ARAV KATHPALIA 1 month ago

Toast as imposter: Kills easily and wins
Toast as Crewmate: Also Kills easily

Toast is forever imposter confirmed.

by Willie G7777 2 months ago

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