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using 600 IQ impostor negotiation tactics to survive...

Disguised Toast photo 1 using 600 IQ impostor negotiation... Disguised Toast photo 2 using 600 IQ impostor negotiation... Disguised Toast photo 3 using 600 IQ impostor negotiation... Disguised Toast photo 4 using 600 IQ impostor negotiation...

Ngl, I'd watch a 2 hour long Among Us video of just Toast any day

by TJ Toons 2 months ago

It's almost more dangerous in this game to point out that you saw someone get killed.

I've learned to only reply with, "where?" Over and over and black is sus.

by CAMELOT331 2 months ago

Toast: Doesn’t do tasks
Also Toast: I always suspect Wendy, she doesn’t do her tasks, that is so weird.

by J. Doe 2 months ago

Since all your videos seem to mostly or only highlight you winning as imposter it always makes your friends look absolutely oblivious. They sus you from the very beginning but they NEVER vote for you like AAAAAAAAA, my goddam brains

by Malohn 2 months ago

I still remember when I got voted off because someone didn't believe that watering plants was a task

by Holla Up 1 month ago

Sykkuno is actually a genius, every time he just says Toast, when toast is imp. Toast may be going up 100 IQ, but Sykkuno is going up 300 IQ.

by Bosser473 2 months ago

Toast: "When I kill, its bold"
Toast not even a millisecond later: "Its sneaky"

by fishbowl 2 months ago


Toasts IQ in every new title: 📈📈📈

by sumic 2 months ago

sykkuno: its abe,Kris, or toast

everybody in the world: ignorily ignores

by rosarioaisek 2 months ago

Toast when he is innocent
Everyone: so it could be toast
Toast as imposter
Everyone: so it is 100% not toast

by Lucas Bijlstra 2 months ago

I love how toast makes noises when he fakes a task 😌

by Tysen Trinh 2 months ago

Toast always throws Abe under the bus when they are the imposters

by Nays Whan 1 month ago

Eventually toast is gonna have such a high iq that he won't even have to hide and pretend as the impostor. He'll just kill in front of everyone and gaslight them into thinking it was someone else, and he'll be able to tell who the impostors are by their breathing patterns

by Tyler Vena 2 months ago

everyone: sjajsjfncowlrmgmks
toast: alright im skipping
everyone: alright im skipping

by Elactix 2 months ago

Last game started so fun with Rae’s theory and toast being impressed by it. But it got really quiet after Train got so angry and yelly about Classy saying he was imposter.

I think that’s why Toast stopped talking as much and smiling towards the end. The tone of the game changed drastically.

I would be more understanding of it if Train wasn’t actually the imposter (not by much, but still), but Train was just really angry he got caught and was toxic towards Classy for catching him. Big yikes

by ryan236 2 months ago

Someone: *sees toast vent or kill
Toast: it wasn't me
Everyone: oh ok

by Grimlock __ 2 months ago

The iq is rising by 100 each video were bound to pass 9000 eventually.

by Delta lord 2 months ago

Honestly train is so bad at lying. He gets super loud when he’s lying and is horrible at picking times to talk.

by glemastus 2 months ago

I literally never knew there was a vent behind that Oxygen tank

by roger huibers 2 months ago

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