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using 1800 IQ psychoanalysis to EXPOSE impostors...

Disguised Toast photo 1 using 1800 IQ psychoanalysis to... Disguised Toast photo 2 using 1800 IQ psychoanalysis to... Disguised Toast photo 3 using 1800 IQ psychoanalysis to... Disguised Toast photo 4 using 1800 IQ psychoanalysis to...

Toast needs to work on that British accent to unlock 2000 IQ!

by iHASYOU 1 month ago

"Wow, Toast has really matured in his gameplay. He lets others do the detective work so they can learn and takes a backseat"
not even 20 seconds after I think that
"Oh god, he's doing the British accent again"

by CultureCrash 1 month ago

Sykkuno: "Call em out"
Toast: "hmmmm"
Sykkuno: "Is it me, Toast??"

Sykkuno/Toast simp for lifeeee

by I'm TMZ 1 month ago

sykkuno’s “is it me, toast?” has the same energy as “is it me, jesus?”

by Emrys A. 1 month ago

Toast You should do a french accent. Oh wait then you'll become a French Toast hehehe

by Emoji 1 month ago

Toast: It's rae!!!
Rae: Starts Rapping

by zyl 1 month ago

Everyone: I think they vented...

by Covert Magpie 1 month ago

toast: *says quiet during voting*
everyone: hes not saying anything, it must be him
toast who genuinely has no clue whats going on: omega bruh moment

by JustThinkenStudios Official 1 month ago

Imposter: I swear I am not the imposter.
Toast with a BrItiSh aCcEnt: Omae wa mo shindeiru.

by K W 1 month ago

"I accidently framed myself for a kill I didn't even did." why is this me

by Moon Nim 1 month ago

Toast's Number 1 Rule: If Sykkuno Doesn't Simp For Toast, Sykkonu Is The Impostor. :D

by J Doggz 1 month ago

I love how Toast’s IQ is constantly fluctuating by the hundred

by Helviiryn 1 month ago

tina's "yo, there's a body" is so iconic

by Nevermind 1 month ago

When people say:
"It's so obvious when toast is crewmate he never does tasks"

I present to you 90% completed tasks from toast at

by Denzell David 1 month ago

Rae: Everyone say Hi Youtube!

by Vex Malanaphy 1 month ago

You guys ever notice whenever Toast is the Imposter he starts with “iiiii..uhhhhhhwent toooo.... etc“

by PatcheProductions 1 month ago

10 IQ: "Kinda sus ngl"
100 IQ: "Saw you vent"
200 IQ: "All evidence leads to a self report"
1800 IQ: "You start your sentence with 'Why' or 'How' and you just said "How"."

by Bambs Mahm 1 month ago

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