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this 700 IQ impostor sabotage strategy never fails...

Disguised Toast photo 1 this 700 IQ impostor sabotage... Disguised Toast photo 2 this 700 IQ impostor sabotage... Disguised Toast photo 3 this 700 IQ impostor sabotage... Disguised Toast photo 4 this 700 IQ impostor sabotage...

I really like this group: they are all letting each other talk. and when the times comes they laugh as a whole then get right back to voting, no one is yelling, and there is a lot of good imposters and crewmates in the group.

by ASpoopyCrewM8 2 months ago

Toast: What should I title this video?
Me: Something Original and uniq...

by P0LAND 2 months ago

toast and abe guarding the left reactor and everyone immediately turning around when they saw them was so funny lmao

by berriş 1 month ago

"Yvonne did you do the card-swipe?"
shit had me dead

by McGliga 1 month ago

The “abe, it’s time to kill your self” is such an anime moment

by Archie Campbell 1 month ago

"Abe it's time to kill yourself" may be one of the slickest plays I've seen. I don't even need to see Abe's perspective to know that Abe quickly picked up on what Toast was doing there.

by 777Roxen 1 month ago

Toast as Impostor: Disguised Toast
Toast as crewmate: This guy's toast

by It's LeymoN 1 month ago

"Ywonnie, if it makes you feel any better, Toast is a bully."
Toast: No, I'm not!
Next round Toast immediately kills Ywonnie

by Flarky 64 1 month ago

The Toast + Abe win was Legendary!!! "Abe, it's time to kill yourself." -- DisguisedToast getting Abe to tie up the votes; Abe being on the same page, does so! Seeing it live and then the defense on Seismic Left Side was so hype and hilarious!

by SuperHeroR 1 month ago

“Guys you’re not supposed to talk during this part ...the killing”

i laughed so hard lmao

by Shafira Ayuningtyas 1 month ago

ngl the vote split thing is by far the most impressive imposter play i've seen

by Ernest Ho 1 month ago

I died laughing when Toast avoided getting voted off by having Abe vote himself.

by Philip Pina 1 month ago

This is a god-tier play by Toast, and the fact that Abe understood what he meant and trusted him was amazing.

by Mike Ballew 1 month ago

Bruh the “Abe it’s time for you to kill yourself” reminds me of Death Note

by Vigeezal 1 month ago

Toast: Yvonne did you swipe the card?
Yvonne: Yes
Toast: now let me teach a little lesson in trickery

by Chips4People 1 month ago

That "Abe it's time to kill yourself" was the most genius thing ever

by Jacob Giles 2 months ago

Toast: I graduated in psychology
His friends: Wow! What are you doing now!
Toast: manipulating people in among us. What else?

by Gamerz Falcon 1 month ago

Toast: about to die by vote

Toast to Abe: "Im gonna pull whats called a pro gamer move"

God i fixed it jesus are you people happy now?

by PlutoIsn'tReal 1 month ago

Everyone: It's "Abe and Toast"
Voting: Abe and Toast tie
Abe and Toasts: Win

by Ian Amador 1 month ago

Bruv legit when toast told abe "it's time to kill yourself" and they both got equal votes at the end bruvv that was so smart

by 5lovelygirl5 1 month ago

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