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their biggest mistake was TRUSTING me... | Among Us

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Join Toast and friends for more Among us action as Toast brings out some big brain security camera plays ft. Pokimane, Lilypichu, Valkyrae, Sykkuno and more
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Disguised Toast photo 1 their biggest mistake was TRUSTING... Disguised Toast photo 2 their biggest mistake was TRUSTING... Disguised Toast photo 3 their biggest mistake was TRUSTING... Disguised Toast photo 4 their biggest mistake was TRUSTING...

oi, its fine to poke fun at the players in these videos. but no personal insults to any of my friends. i mainly upload games where i win so you dont see some of the games where i get outplayed so dont insult anyone's intelligence. people like rae who get really into it makes the game more exciting and we all know its just a game.

by Disguised Toast 2 months ago

Toast as Crewmate: Sherlock Toast
Toast as Imposter: Toast the Ripper

by RoyL 3 months ago

Imagine if his mic wasn't muted when he went on his little "You fool!" rant xD

by Enchanted Emerald 2 months ago

Anyone: "It was Valkyrae".
Innocent Valkyrae: "Ok, why?"

Anyone: "It was Valkyrae".

by Mistral Northwind 2 months ago

If Among Us had a slogan, it should be "Good enough for me"

by Emelson Sabado 3 months ago

"I feel like it's impossible to win as imposter"
literally next game toast wins as imposter
"ugh I got so outplayed wtf"

by Josh Steady 3 months ago

"I didn't kill the dude in electrical, I was in security"
"I didn't kill the dude in security, I was in med bay"
"I didn't kill the dude in med Bay, I was in electrical" the holy trinity of bad excuses

by Bsheepdestroyer makes stuff 1 month ago

Rae: “It’s Ginger and Peter.”
Toast: murders Rae immediately

I love this. It’s classic Toast.

by OneBiasedOpinion 2 months ago

Rae: Impostor cant win
Toast: Aight, Ima prove u wrong

by hoang long 3 months ago

Its funny how the phrase “good enough for me” is basically a death sentence

by Steven Deng 3 months ago

Toast: "What if we helped Poki"
Also Toast: Votes Poki

by Nicholas Wong 3 months ago

Rae: I don’t think imposters can win, this is unfair!

Toast: Hold my beer.

by Raven 26 3 months ago

"HAHA, you fool. You unwilling pawn in my grand scheme."

that was one of the greatest sentences i've ever heard

by dollface 2 months ago

Toast everytime he's the Impostor:

here's a little lesson in trickery

by Simon The Kid 3 months ago

Imagine you forgot to mute when you said “I’m finding victims to murder...”

by Tsunberry 2 months ago

Really all you gotta do is see how defensive Rae gets and you can tell if she's an imposter or not

by Solar 3 months ago

Lol Wendy's response when poki accused her, "What? I was up top!" poki never said where the body was

by Mr. Wiggler 2 months ago

"Oh god, everyone left, all the witnisses are gone."
Literally everyone: PARTY HARD

by Leandro 3 months ago

Those that have watched Toast since the early Hearthstone days will know he's too big brain for this game.

by Dokusei 3 months ago

You can tell when Rae is imposter because she gets extremely defensive

by Kitty Man 2 months ago

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