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the greatest Among Us IMPOSTOR game ever...

Disguised Toast photo 1 the greatest Among Us IMPOSTOR... Disguised Toast photo 2 the greatest Among Us IMPOSTOR... Disguised Toast photo 3 the greatest Among Us IMPOSTOR... Disguised Toast photo 4 the greatest Among Us IMPOSTOR...

Mad respect to Cizzorz though! He was a really good sport in the end.

by Kieran King 1 month ago

this game has scarred me for life

by Valkyrae 1 month ago

Cizzorz: I think I have trust issues
Therapist: and why is that?

by Alyan Javed 1 week ago

Toast: "I need him.... to play third imposter for me"

God: "Gotcha"

by Somi Panday 1 week ago

“If toast wins he is the biggest brain player I’ve ever seen!”

Cizzors: loses
his reaction WHAT?!??!

by KronyxPlayz 1 week ago

Here is the beginning of a strategy called “Marination”

by Sir Anonymous IV 1 week ago


my favorite game of among us i've ever played so far.. you're insane toast

by fuslie 1 month ago

Is no one gonna talk about Sykkuno saying, “I don’t know who’s on me, but they haven’t killed me ye-“ and then the kill sound?

by Apology Meat 2 weeks ago

“I think we leave Cizzorz alive...” *Cizzorz will remember that*

by Danger Noodles 2 weeks ago

The thing that I find the most impressive about this is how Toast was able to construct a narrative, a playbook on the fly, and then follow that playbook perfectly. Most players don't have the ability or restraint to do this, they just take kills of opportunity. If you notice the others reactions, everyone was surprised to find out that it was Toast, because they were all slowly eating up this narrative that he was creating. Even Syd doesn't realize that truth until Toast kills John and at that point its completely obvious from her perspective. Cizzorz was with Leslie, John is dead, and its not HER, so that only leaves Toast. So Toast slowly creates this narrative where he eliminates ppl around Cizzorz, whilst also setting up Syd as the villain. There were plenty of times where he could have switched it up and just killed someone randomly because they were alone or their body wouldn't be found for a while. Instead, he keeps to this playbook, pitting CIzzorz against Syd. The fact that he managed to take that narrative all the way to its conclusion with Syd and Cizzorz left alive at the end is absolutely remarkable.

by Joshua Dennis 3 weeks ago

"We leave Cizzorz alive"

Day 23561 Cizzorz is still alive but dead inside

by John Paulo Tumala 2 weeks ago

This is my greatest game in my Among Us career.

by Disguised Toast 1 month ago

Toast win as impostor with big brain

Everybody : heyyyy Youtubeeee

by Togi Ozora 2 weeks ago

Poor Cizzorz lol they were so mean to him, it wasn’t his fault Toast literally played that damn near perfectly!! He took it like a champ

by Mythman Robertson 1 week ago

Guy: How did you get ptsd

Other guy: i escaped the mafia

Guy: How did you get ptsd

Other guy 2: i survived a terrorist attack with 2 destroyed arms and 1 destroyed leg

Guy: hey you How did you get ptsd

Cizzorz: (oh god)

Toast: i think we leave cizzorz alive because i need him to play 3rd imposter

by Jack McCausland 1 week ago

Toast does smart and good imposter moves


(stupid laugh)

by Spoopy_Blob 2 weeks ago

The look on his face after the reveal... PRICELESS!

by DfieldMark 1 month ago

The intro is literally better than most of the modern day movies.

by Charon 2 weeks ago

Who else cannot stop coming back to this vid

by SebbyR26 _ 2 weeks ago

"The hallway that's outside the room, but interior"
He is speaking the language of gods

by Teo 434 2 weeks ago

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