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the biggest lie i ever told in Among Us...

Disguised Toast photo 1 the biggest lie i ever... Disguised Toast photo 2 the biggest lie i ever... Disguised Toast photo 3 the biggest lie i ever... Disguised Toast photo 4 the biggest lie i ever...

He could lie himself out of a robbery recorded in 4k.

by GOAT 1 month ago

Toast could convince his mother to believe she's a virgin

by Askov 1 month ago

The way Toast articulates his words making everybody second guess their initial thought Is ingenious

by This aint It chief 1 month ago

Toast has the lying skill that is only rivaled by satan himself.

by Kyull 2 months ago

Toast: vents and kills right in front of people
Everyone: it’s toast
Toast: no
Everyone: understandable have a great day

by TrippyTV 2 months ago

Toast "I'm not gaslighting!"
Morgan Freeman "But he was, in fact, gaslighting"

by Psi Matrix 1 month ago

Toast: Hops in vent in front of peter and Kills in front of bnans
Toast: Wasn’t me
Everyone: OK

by Connerwastaken 2 months ago

Toast literally says “based on the way the sun is reflecting of my mirror I strategically placed here and the fact that it is NOT a full moon tonight... the killer vented and it’s [enter name]” and everyone says “yeah makes sense”

by Amber White 2 months ago

It’s like he Jedi mind tricks everyone.

“It’s Toast.”

Toast waves hand and says, “No, it’s not me.”

“It’s not Toast.”

by Autumn Moon 1 month ago

Peener: sees toast in a vent
Toast: Are you sure?
Peener: questions sanity

by Xenophade 2 months ago

Toast always gets accused as a imposter when he’s imposter but he always talks his way out of it!

by Ella Becerra 1 month ago

How to tell if Toast is the Imposter:
- Toast uses the Emergency Button, he is a crewmate
- He don't press the button, he is the Imposter

Thanks for coming to my TED talk

by Graphena Ishata 1 month ago

Everyone’s talking about toasts lying skill, but his deduction ability as a crew member was insane as well.

by TheSpikeyCantaloupe 1 month ago

“A little teal man hop in a vent” I love it 😂

by Just A Leaf 1 month ago

Toast: Kills someone in broad daylight in front of half the crew

Someone: “It’s toast”

Toast: “No.”

Everyone: “We can’t be sure. Skip.”

by Fidget 02 2 months ago

"Sykkuno, can you attest?"
Sykkuno: I have bad memory :( I'm sorry
Everyone: Understandable. We love you and could never hurt you.

I love this group so much, it's so much better than the tantrums in other let's plays

by dipitous 1 month ago

Toast: wiggles in front of emergency button
Everyone: sigh

by nina de jesus 1 month ago

Peener: Sees Toast blatantly vent.
Peener: Its Toast
Toast: Are you sure about that?
Peener: Has a existential crisis.

by Ethan Zhao 1 month ago

his manipulative tactics are so good, it makes me think he’s a complete sociopath

by mavi 1 month ago

Peener: “I saw Toast venting!”
Toast: are you sure?
Peener: Starts sweating bullets

by poperaymond 1 month ago

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