6 days ago
2M 👀

the 300 IQ solo impostor clutch...

Disguised Toast photo 1 the 300 IQ solo impostor... Disguised Toast photo 2 the 300 IQ solo impostor... Disguised Toast photo 3 the 300 IQ solo impostor... Disguised Toast photo 4 the 300 IQ solo impostor...

toast almost convinced me he wasnt imposter and im watching his pov

by Keegan Hawkins 1 month ago

Toast: “This is basically unwinnable”
Also Toast: wins

by Jacob Lewellen 1 month ago

Why does no one kill toast first? He’s gonna find the imposter, and if he doesn’t, he is the imposter but by the time you figure it out you’ve already lost

by Somedude K 1 month ago

Them in emergency meetings: an actual discussion, relies on evidence, establishes their alibis

My friends in emergency meetings: baseless conjecture, random accusations, pointless and loud arguments

by i'm ok, i guess 1 month ago

Their meetings: Full blown deathnote detective work
Public servers: "It was Red, I saw him" rest of team "sounds good"

by TJ Hooper 1 month ago

toast as an imposter voting out his partner: "This is a solo mission kid"

by Lukas Stasytis 1 month ago

“Toast said so” understandable have a great day

by Silly Willy 1 month ago

"where were you toast?"

"i got lost"


by SoftCheeks 1 month ago

their meetings: logical discussions
my friends in meetings: vote out reagan, i don't like her
other friends: ok
Reagan was not the imposter

by Reagan B 1 month ago

Toast seems scarier as a crewmate than as an imposter lmao
any game with toast feels like you should be playing crewmate properly or else Toast will brain blast you

by Nathan24-_- 1 month ago

“Alright, just had an intense impostor game, I’m just gonna chill”

2 minutes later: furiously goes after sykkuno

by Mitch Maher 1 month ago

I just noticed that “Disguised Toast” is the same as “This guy’s toast”

by Rotmg Troller Fan 1 month ago

"I got lost trying to find other people"
Well, that's true.

by Yoga Bayu 1 month ago

everyone proves their innocences
Yozo: I was at cafeteria...headed towards o2...
long pause
Sykkuno: Alright, good enough for me guys
Toast: Ahahha

by Randy Warren 1 month ago

this is such a great game to play with friends

hope people that have friends enjoy it

by Daniel Solaro 1 month ago

I like how Toast loves to play the whole "calmed and chilled detective" as an impostor

...until he gets called out and starts: "W-W-WHAT!!!! WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!! NO!!! HOW!!"

by Seba1805 1 month ago

This game would be impossible to win as imposter if everyone stuck in groups of 3 minimum

by Joshua Brant 1 month ago

Holy crap, I've hardly ever seen anyone else spell Kristopher with a "K". Makes me feel like I'm in this video somehow XD

by Kristopher Kohlmeier 1 month ago

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