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pulling an insane 1300 IQ impostor self report...

Disguised Toast photo 1 pulling an insane 1300 IQ... Disguised Toast photo 2 pulling an insane 1300 IQ... Disguised Toast photo 3 pulling an insane 1300 IQ... Disguised Toast photo 4 pulling an insane 1300 IQ...

Imposter: breathes
1300 IQ Detective Toast: guys, I know who the imposter is.

by iHASYOU 2 months ago

It can't be me cuz I vented

by HelloItsVG 1 month ago

Toast: *Investigating*

Sykkuno: "So anyway, I started pouring..."

by NoobsailerRBH 1 month ago

toast is too quiet when he's imposter, if he isn't putting the pieces together, he's the one breaking them apart lol

by Darian Peelar 1 month ago

Toast: This nice casual game of Among us with friends

Also Toast: So who's the a-hole that killed the only person streaming

by Kean Dominic Delos Santos 1 month ago

I wish I had Toast's power to make people follow me without saying a word LOL

by RageElixir 2 months ago

meanwhile, sykkuno is still frantically hydrating somewhere.

by crestfell 1 month ago

Also Sykkuno: Why is my water bill so high?

by Gantable 1 month ago

dude’s literally Light Yagami and L combined

by Suneri 1 month ago

toast is insanely smart, let's think about it, lily knew she had to back sykkuno on his "water thing", that's why she said someone went downstairs. but it's not possible for her to hear anything downstairs, she was on headphones. so by answering "yes someone was downstairs pouring water" toast could automatic deduce that both of them are the imposters.

by KaraKara 1 month ago

"Brodin, go ahead, sell your partner out, it's okay" - DESPERATELY HOPES HE SAYS NOTHING

by CultureCrash 2 months ago

Best defence: "I don't know, but I think it might be me"
Best alibi: "I was just pouring a cup of water"

by Quasar 1 month ago

Toast arguing that Myth is imposter
Everyone's interupting Toast
Myth: Ye, let Toast speak!

by piCtrues 1 month ago

"Brodin... You can sell your partner out now, it's okay"

Toast and his subliminal messages are the best!

by Hide Me 1 month ago

Toast: keeping voy alive cos he often third imposter’s
Voy: third imposters
Toast: 😎

by Hamish C 1 month ago

Toast as crewmate: knows almost immediately who impostor is and insists
Toast as Impostor: stays quiet, eating popcorn and "has no idea of who it might be" *wink wink*

by PatatiPatata 1 month ago

2018: where we droppin bois
2019: where we building bois
2020: where

by 50 subs by 2021??? 1 month ago

Toast: I think it’s sykkuno

Sykkuno: I was pouring a cup of water

Toast: It’s lily and Sykkuno I think


by 宋荣坡 1 month ago

no one:

I was pouring a cup of water.

by Pita 1 month ago

Best defense ever: "I don't know but I think it might be me."

by Alyanna Cunanan 2 months ago

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