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my new secret 2600 IQ strat, who faked DRAGON...?

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Disguised Toast reveals one of his secret strategies. Join Toast and friends for more Among Us shenanigans!
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Disguised Toast photo 1 my new secret 2600 IQ... Disguised Toast photo 2 my new secret 2600 IQ... Disguised Toast photo 3 my new secret 2600 IQ... Disguised Toast photo 4 my new secret 2600 IQ...

the intro is iconic, ICONIC

by Rafipuff 1 month ago

“I’m in the place where clear people are”
“Therefore I’m clear”

by quang 1 month ago

"he said a lot of colors, he must be right!"

by ItZ_Delta! 1 month ago

Toast: Hey guys we should invite Candice to play with us
Group: Who's Candice?
Toast: *Wheezing Candice nuts fit in yo mouth
Just a thought Toast

by Bliss Madness 1 month ago

Everyone Talking Over Each Other

Corpse says one word and everyone goes quiet.

by KylieIsBetter 1 month ago

"My gut is never wrong" "My gut was wrong"
has the same vibe has
"Have confidence" "No confidence"

by Lycorisy 1 month ago

can we appreciate that Toast, at the beginning, said, and I quote, "I'm alive, halajuya"

by Jacob Sowa 1 month ago

Toast barely explains himself and still wins LOL

by RageElixir 1 month ago

Doctors: it is scientifically prove that when girls talk to a guy the find attractive they voices go up in a higher pitch
Girls when they talk to me:

by JambJazz69 1 month ago

2.5million....that’s how many people he just caught with that...legendary

by znova 1 month ago

John: Keep Corpse alive cause I wanna keep hearing his voice

by La La 1 month ago

I watched the VOD where he made the dragon joke before this, and it literally comes out of NOWHERE. Like he doesn't smile or laugh before he pulls off one of the best jokes of the decade. So good, so well-delivered, makes me laugh every time 😂🐲

by CultureCrash 1 month ago

Toast: "Skip and I'll call a meeting.
Everyone else: I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that."
Me*sigh* Simps...

by Cory Snyder 1 month ago

The color strat only works if you're not colorblind.

by Alpha Pawz 3 weeks ago

I love how everyone was like "idiot" but john was like "genius"

by Tom Sawyer 2 weeks ago

I love how when Toast reminded everyone that they shouldn't talk he sounded so serious
I know I'm late

by Cap'n Megawatt 2 weeks ago

Anyone who didn't understand the joke he said:" Dragging these nuts on your face"

by DrWhite 1 month ago

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