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hard carrying my sister in Among Us w/ 2100 IQ...

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Disguised Toast and friends are joined by a special guest and Toast is as ready as always to show his bread and butter top tier impostor gameplay.
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Disguised Toast photo 1 hard carrying my sister in... Disguised Toast photo 2 hard carrying my sister in... Disguised Toast photo 3 hard carrying my sister in... Disguised Toast photo 4 hard carrying my sister in...

Toast is willing to go on an insane killing spree to defend his sister's honour. This is the kind of sibling love we need 💕💀

by CultureCrash 1 month ago

Toast can never be accused of not doing tasks as a impostor because he doesn’t do tasks as a crewmate

by jacob roberts 1 month ago

Poor Sydney legit no one believed her until toast backed her up.

by cinny bunzzz 1 month ago

When Toast's inexperienced imposter partner gets voted off, it's like Rock Lee taking off his ankle weights

by Sam Wilmarth 1 month ago

Disguised Toast sister:

Camouflaged Loaf

by Jacob Lowther 1 month ago

Jodi: vents
Jodi: wut????
Everyone: Understandable, have a nice day

by Butter on a stick 1 month ago

Impostor Toast: fakes tasks and separates
Crewmate Toast: “All I need is a presidential bodyguard”

by Kaiga 1 month ago

Sykkuno: Yeah why not let's vote Tina, she killed me last round!

Also Sykkuno: Wait hold on we're actually voting Tina?? skips

by cushdaddy24 1 month ago

Toast: vote Tinaaa out, we gotta teach her a lesson

Jodi: wait what lesson are you teaching her of?

Toast: idk but I'm sure there's a lesson somewhere

by u know bts? 1 month ago

Wait,if Jenny is his sister and Toast calls himself Sherlock Holmes,then that means that Jenny is Enola Holmes.

by JEZ14_ 312 1 month ago

2018: where we droppin bois
2019: where we building bois
2020: where

by 50 subs by 2021??? 1 month ago

Most games: “There’s a double kill, there must be two Impostors left!”
Toast: pulls off a solo triple kill

by Just Seff Stuff 1 month ago

Toast is so good that he just lets the imposters get a chance

by Wrongberry 1 month ago

"Good job didi." - Jen
Means "good job little brother" affectionately if you guys didn't know.

by J Xue 1 month ago

Toast: “A man taking a woman’s credit, I can’t tolerate that”
Also toast: Let me use Syd as my presidential bodyguard

by hoiogulfdtu 1 month ago

Why is it that even when toast is the imposter he still looks so confused when they’re discussing

by itssebbyy 1 month ago

When Toast is impostor he is so convincing in his accusations, I sometimes find myself thinking “hm, y’know what? Maybe it is Sykkuno”

by Patrick Munroe 1 month ago

Everyone: laughs

Sykkuno: laughs

Toast: wait, why are you laughing sykkuno?

by Wraith 1 month ago

Mother: Be a role model to your sister!
Toast: I got it mom.

3 minutes later: Sis, this is how you lie and blame others for something you did!


by John Nhoj 1 month ago

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