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Among Us but I have -2500 IQ...

Disguised Toast photo 1 Among Us but I have... Disguised Toast photo 2 Among Us but I have... Disguised Toast photo 3 Among Us but I have... Disguised Toast photo 4 Among Us but I have...

Legend says Corpse is still swiping cards in admin to this day

by Dani 1 month ago

At least he finished the card swipe in the afterlife 😂

by Jasmine Yang 1 month ago

: "Nice Sykkuno. I don't know how you cleared me but I'm inclined to trust you" - In this vicious game you take what you can get. I once got cleared of three kills because my crewmate saw me on admin at the start of the round 😅

by CultureCrash 1 month ago



by Mass Jenacide 1 month ago

Toast: breathes

CORPSE: "This might be a big brain play by Toast....."

by J eaZy 1 month ago

Everybody: Saying Corpse is Impostor because of him "failing" card-swipe.

Corpse: Actually suffering because of card-swipe task.

by Blizzrdヅ 1 month ago

Toast: literally goes off on his own and vent kills lily
Sykkuno: pretty sure its not toast

by Yui 1 month ago

It was so hilarious when everyone in pewds' livestream was saying "it's not corpse" so i went so corpse's livesream and just died laughing when i saw him failing the card swipe

by Aisha Sebe 1 month ago

Is anyone gonna talk about that dirty vent kill on Lily. Like she had no chance

by Daniel Perlmutter 1 month ago

Corpse’s card swipe is so iconic hahahahahaha

by TJ Toons 1 month ago

Breaking News: Scientists still can’t explain how one person lost 4900 iq in one day

by Yawcty 1 month ago

The legend says that they found Corpse’s corpse in admin in front of the card swipe machine..💀

by Strong power Thank you 1 month ago

Corpse: drenched in sweat

by Cito 1 month ago

Corpse: I failed the card swipe like 15 times
Card swipe: how about 20 more

by Xavier Rodriguez 1 month ago

The funniest part is that Corpse WAS actually failing the card swipe

by Because I'm Batman! 1 month ago

CORPSE after: “ All I have to do is go slower.

by - RyaChuz - 1 month ago

Jack: Wouldnt it be funny if it was like toast and scarra
Toast: *sweats

by Devin Rosas 1 month ago

Jack- “and then it’s scarra and toast” proceeds to say it while joking

Me sitting there wondering why his random choice was correct

by Moon Stars111 1 week ago

I feel Toast's pain when his Imposter friend Scarra didn't double kill with him

by RedNinja18 1 month ago

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