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"Among Us With Famous People" | Disguised Toast - Pewdiepie

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In this video, Disguised Toast plays Among Us with all his friends including Pewdiepie, the biggest video on the YouTube platform. He outsmarts them, and out plays them. Enjoy!
This channel has two purposes, the first is for the people that want to see more of Disguised Toast, they can watch the behind the scenes and all the things you do not usually see in his videos. The second purpose is for Disguised Toast to be found by other people that are not subscribed because I know that almost everyone will enjoy Disguised Toast's Informative and entertaining Teamfight Tactic videos..
His YouTube channel is (https://www.youtube.com/c/DisguisedToast)
This is a fan account.
This channel will also have the highlights of the behind the scenes if you just want to watch those.
I hope you will enjoy this!
Have a great day!

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i can just see the pain in toasts expressions for jack and his friends having xqc in the lobby :( it definitely wasn’t the lobby he expected for them

by taviesophia 2 months ago

Xqc clearly vented in the second to last game, but toast didn’t notice because he was so stressed from the earlier games. He also missed the poki hints, he just wasn’t having fun anymore.

by Kamaya Browning 2 months ago

xqx is the single most aggressive player I have ever seen, while simultaneously being the clear worst in the lobby. All while thinking he’s the best player in the world.

by Matias Rostworowski 2 months ago

It was fun with pewds but it got really annoying when xqc came... Same loud voice different attitude

by S G 3 months ago

"Alright. We're gonna play a nice casual game of Among Us."

Toast already knows as X joined it'll be a toxic game.

by Pandamondium 3 months ago

Finally, I found the stream where they first meet Corpse.

by Hanxelmae 3 months ago

Boy, X is top 3 unfun kind of player to play with. Cries about every little thing, asks questions but doesn't listen. Scream scream scream

by Scott Shipley 3 months ago

damn, Toasts first imposter run was incredible

by Tristan B 3 months ago

Lol when xQC tried to say toast isn’t 5head so he shows him he’s 5head

by TNH Meek 2 months ago

It’s so interesting how Toast can determine who could be imposter in the early rounds and immediately be right in his assumption later.

by Angela Alfonso 2 months ago

I enjoyed for about hours until there is a chaos

by Elpee Mimi 2 months ago

Corpse saying “okay buddy” to sykkuno for going to the bathroom is so funny ()

by Hellix Raiser 2 months ago

Sykkuno : thank you Jack I think you're very nice :)
Charlie: * i want scalps *

by Big Uncle Scott 2 months ago

is when xQc joins.. CORPSE does too if it helps

by JKai McTed 2 months ago

i’m feeling second hand embarrassment for xqc

by Mia Montes 1 month ago

Xqc makes me mad

by 5411 2 months ago

Loved how lud called out xqc on his shit

by Sarthak Desai 2 months ago

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