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DF Retro: Mortal Kombat - The Legend, The Arcade Tech, The Console Ports - 16 Versions Analysed!

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Join John for a very special, extended episode of DF Retro. Midway's classic Mortal Kombat is under the microscope, with a look at its beginnings, its meteoric success in the arcades and the inevitable ports to console systems - and beyond..
The bezel used during the SF2 segment was created by Orionsangel and you can get it right here!
The bezels created for Mortal Kombat were created by ArsInvictus and you can download them here..
Be sure to check them out if you're using PC emulation
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Digital Foundry photo 1 DF Retro: Mortal Kombat -... Digital Foundry photo 2 DF Retro: Mortal Kombat -... Digital Foundry photo 3 DF Retro: Mortal Kombat -... Digital Foundry photo 4 DF Retro: Mortal Kombat -...

Great job, as always, John!

by EposVox 1 year ago

These videos have totally moved past being just technical analysis and are more akin to professionally crafted documentaries in their structure and editing.
Much more than what someone would have in mind for a sole comparison of different versions of a video game.
I don't know who should I credit more, the DF team or John, but all in all, what a fantastic, informative and beautiful video.
Big thanks to Digital Foundry.

by Amir Hossein Mirzaee 1 year ago

Not gonna lie. I love it when there's a ton of different ports to go over. The Doom epsiode is still my favorite for that reason.

by somerandomdude3366 1 year ago

“...you play as Bruce Lee on a vengeful journey across continents and infringed copyrights...’ 🤣

by Balaam _ 1 year ago

One thing that MK1 got very right was the balance of the colors between the sprites and the background. The characters felt like they belonged in this world, unlike many other games based on the same technology that came later.

by merlingt1 1 year ago

Mortal Kombat 2 is still my favorite, followed by Mortal Kombat Trilogy.

by Johnny Cage 1 year ago

I miss being a kid and thinking that the home versions were exactly like the arcade

by alexadelaide 1 year ago

Van damme declines MK, years later Acclaim gets him to motion capture for a Street Fighter game thats designed after MK

by RXGamer 1 year ago

Fun fact at : the presenter of Gamesmaster is a very young Dexter Fletcher, better known today as the director of ROCKETMAN. I did not expect to see him in a Digital Foundry video about Mortal Kombat 1 😅

by Arnaud Calistri 1 year ago

"Guardians of the Hood"

Now that's a spectacular game title.

by Fubuki 1 year ago

I've never seen the arcade version this clearly recorded.
It's shocking to see the characters I know and love in this high quality.

by Hezkore 1 year ago

I love Den Forden's sound design in the original 4 MKs.

by HE1NZ 1 year ago


16 VERSIONS!? John, I LOVE you! These are so incredible, like true documentaries rather than YouTube videos.

by Just Another Youtube Channel 1 year ago

The game footage from the Mortal Monday commercial on the Sega CD is actually from the SNES version, yes, that actually happened.

by FishyThought 1 year ago

This is great! I love these episodes, especially on the weekends... Like being a kid and having cartoons to watch all over again, reliving some of the best of the past with a host who recalls it all as fondly as myself. Love it, absolutely love it.

by Brett Prior 1 year ago

John, FM synth in the DOS version of MK1 sounds decent when played on a period correct soundcard like a SB Pro or a SB 16. Those cards use genuine Yamaha OPL3 chips for FM synthesis. Creative's later cards like your SB Live use CQM, a clone chip which sounds noticeably worse.

by Lex997 1 year ago

This is an amazing video, John! You should be very proud of the work you've done with DF Retro.

Also I really love when a Game Boy port shows up in any of these retro vids. Always a huge curveball.

by Pobbity Boppity 1 year ago

Bless their hearts for (trying to) get it on Game Boy

by Poever 1 year ago

I would love a digital foundry video on the Microsoft flight simulator games. Also I love these videos thank you for making them.

by Cotter King 1 year ago

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