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Former CIA Officer Will Teach You How to Spot a Lie l Digiday

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In this participatory session, you will learn how to tell when someone is lying. Really. As a former CIA Officer with more than 20 years of experience in interviewing, interrogation and polygraph examination, Susan has seen her share of truth avoiders. She has, in fact, developed behavioral screening programs that are used by the federal government. Donโ€™t miss out on learning her methodologies in spotting deception.
Speaker, Susan Carnicero, Author of Spy the Lie and founding partner, Qverity
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#Spy the Lie

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To her credit, people in the intelligence community are fantastic liars.

by Nick 2 days ago

Isn't the CIA professional liars? They were in this election. Your son??? The apple didn't fall far from the tree.

by Garden Corn Robber 2 days ago

I get mad when people insinuate I'm a liar so I wouldn't pass her test.

by Not Sorry 2 days ago

...this video moves much too slowly, ...AND THAT AIN'T NO LIE!

by Bob Everhart 1 day ago

More important to me is knowing when a person is telling the truth.
Why did'nt she know Brennen was lying his ass off about Trump?
Maybe she did?
CIA, who knows

by Rubi1951 1 day ago

A CIA officer telling us how to 'spot a liar' ?
It has to be THE JOKE of the day...
Look yourself in the mirror and the face of a gargantuan liar will certainly be spotted right there, mate

by Andrew McMillan 1 day ago

The best way of mastering anything is doing repeatably so many times a subject. On this case, they did so well that I almost started believing on the CIA.

by TEAM6USA 3 days ago

When you hear, "Let me make this perfectly clear", you can bet a lie is coming up.

by Ken 1 day ago

"Have you ever asked someone a question and they've talked for 10 minutes and then you realized they've never answered the question you asked?"
Yeah, they're called politicians.

by WasabiNinja 1 year ago

Narssist can lie without any of this...and they are all over the place.๐Ÿ™„

by Deepu 6 days ago

The biggest lie I tell myself is "you don't need to write that down you'll remember it".

by Judy Smith 1 week ago

I lie every single day. I lie to avoid conflict, I lie to be nice, I lie sometimes just to make someone smile, I lie to cover my ass. I lie all the damn time I even lie to myself for motivation ๐Ÿ˜‚.

by MmKay 4 days ago

Just assume everyoneโ€™s lying and youโ€™ll be fine

by Truckin 379 5 days ago

Biden is only lying when his mouth is moving ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Rollo Fenrir 3 minutes ago

I said she was lying the minuet or so into the story.

by Fran Smeby 3 days ago

A politician is only lying when their mouth is moving.

by Derek Vuong 1 week ago

HERE"S A TIP: Don't believe anything the CIA tells you.

by KLANGkrieg 6 days ago

How can I lie ten times a day if I don't talk to anyone for weeks lol.

by curtis Schroh 4 years ago

I knew she was lying the moment she said, " I am former CIA"

by letfreedomring43 6 days ago

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