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Former CIA Officer Will Teach You How to Spot a Lie l Digiday

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In this participatory session, you will learn how to tell when someone is lying. Really. As a former CIA Officer with more than 20 years of experience in interviewing, interrogation and polygraph examination, Susan has seen her share of truth avoiders. She has, in fact, developed behavioral screening programs that are used by the federal government. Donโ€™t miss out on learning her methodologies in spotting deception.
Speaker, Susan Carnicero, Author of Spy the Lie and founding partner, Qverity
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seems like poor production, she was interesting but the video doesn't show the lists she's pointing at!

by bob loblaw 2 days ago

Sounds like the CIA, FBI , Congress, Supreme Court...all liars.

by buddyroll 1 2 days ago

I once was married to a narcissist/sociopath. Nobody needs to teach me how to spot a lie...FACT

by MC MC 23 hours ago

Note: dont use this outwardly on narcissists. They dont react well to being caught...

by anonymoose116 21 hours ago

"Have you ever asked someone a question and they've talked for 10 minutes and then you realized they've never answered the question you asked?"
Yeah, they're called politicians.

by WasabiNinja 6 months ago

Remember this, the fish that doesn't open it's mouth, doesn't get caught.

by TEXANLEON 3 weeks ago

This is useless since we cant see any of the sldies or lists she refers to.

by Oscar Michelen 1 months ago

If someone tells lie then person's eyes move on right and if says truth then eyes move on left. So just keep your eyes on there eyes and also body and behavior or expression.

by satish pareek 2 days ago

Much too generalized, didn't offer anything helpful. There was clearly information being presented but the camera doesn't pan out to show us her talking points.

by Ron Mueller 1 weeks ago

Nobody knows better about telling lies than the C.I.A.

by Alex Scott 3 years ago

umm, this would be way more effective if the camera were actually showing what she is pointing at.

by T Waters 5 days ago

My daughter was accused of stealing from a job at a nursing home when she was in her early 20's. She was scared (a single mom who needed her job) and defensive. They came down with heavy accusations and no proof because she had a key to the room where the theft occurred (a large screen TV). She did all the supposed tells of lying this speaking mentioned- being defensive, attacking, talking about lax security, saying "why would I steal that TV? I have two TVs at home," etc. She exhibited he whole "cluster" of supposedly damning behaviors. But she didn't do the theft. When they eventually caught the actual thief, red-handed, doing another crime, that woman admitted to a string of thefts, including the one my daughter was accused of committing. The subsequent apologies were lame. My daughter was devastated by the accusations and the company lost a valuable employe, because it caused her to seek employment elsewhere. By this speaker's system of detecting lies, my daughter would have been fired or worse. So I'm having a difficult time buying all this.

by SuZett Estell 4 days ago

It would be nice if I could see the charts she's referring to.

by Paulette Monaco 3 weeks ago

Working for the CIA she must be a world class liar

by TheMystic 2100 5 days ago

How can I lie ten times a day if I don't talk to anyone for weeks lol.

by curtis Schroh 3 years ago

"Don't take this home and use it on your significant other"
Me: okay ๐Ÿคž

by Samantha Mari 2 weeks ago

that foot went crazy. havent heard the 'tell yet' but her feet went nuts.

by Kitty Sandlin 2 days ago

Respones from someone who is Autistic can be deceptive to the real truth too.

by Kathleen Petty 3 days ago

Lmao I know when my husband is lying because when I confront him on something I have
caught him at or that he has said he starts yelling right away at me. Bingo Busted! ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Lisa โค๏ธ 20 hours ago

When you ask someone a question and they talk for 10 minutes, & then you realize they never answered the question...this means they passed the First Practical Test for becoming a POLITICIAN!!

by Geoff Jacobs 3 years ago

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