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NBA "Live Reaction to Big News" Compilation (Part 2)

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Amar'e Stoudemire: crying because of Kobe's death
Background: SpEnDiNg DaDdIeS mOnEy WiTh An AdDiTuDe

by Pickle Pie 5 months ago

Nothing has been normal in the world since Kobe died.

by ROKON500 5 months ago

Was I the only like โ€œget that mic outta Amares faceโ€ smdh

by Derrick Milburn 5 months ago

Coby white high asf in that interview

by Tay Kaylan 5 months ago

NBA players' biggest idol tragically dies
Reporters: Imma shove a mic in the face of a man in clear pain and ask him his reaction

by Nathan Emerson 5 months ago

Barnes is a real dude, he knew they were trading him before the game and still went out there!

by fazijs 4 months ago

They played the explicit version of ROXANNE IN THE ARENA ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

by DDH88 5 months ago

Bro Coby Whites reaction makes me so happy. He got so happy

by Heat Nation 5 months ago

Amares interview was just stupid and wasnt needed

by kacperinsky 5 months ago

1st thing you do after someone finds out the news about Kobe is zoom straight into their eyes to see if their crying thats terrible the media would put someone on the spot before a game

by MonkeyDLuffy 5 months ago

is everyone's reaction to playing golden state in 2018

by Rayaan 510 5 months ago

love Coby Whiteโ€™s reaction to Cam getting drafted in the lottery. You can tell itโ€™s genuine and the two former teammates had a real relationship with one another. awesome. You love to see it!

by Sportsjazzfan 2 months ago

Amar'e interview was weird shoulda cut that early. Also, Rudy gorbart

by Trev Carter 5 months ago

Bruh Harrison Barnes looked so defeated .

by Yougotit Boss 5 months ago

I canโ€™t take with Roxanne playing in the background

by Max And Connor 5 months ago

this is being reported, from bleacher report, REPORTEDLY

by xQin 5 months ago

just listening to Roxanne trying not to think about kobe

by Philip Rapp 5 months ago

Coby white look d like he was gonna cry

by Celtics 17 5 months ago

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