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Hereditary (2018) KILL COUNT

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by Dead Meat 3 months ago

The emotional breakdowns make horror movies so great sometimes. It is like a slow burn on losing their minds.

by Wutaii1 Nostalgia 3 months ago

Dude I cannot even fathom to imagine what Peter's experience of his sisters death was all while stoned out of his mind. It was probably worse than a fever dream.

by XK-Class 2 months ago

Honestly James’ personality kept me through this video, otherwise i’d be terrified

by Absolute Absurd 2 months ago

Annie’s decapitation was easily the worst part of this movie. She’s just chilling there sawing her own head off. It’s crazy.

by Andrew Levister 2 months ago

“I’ve always wanted to be in a horror movie.”

I honestly find it heartwarming that she not only got her wish, but also that the movie she played in ended up being a hit.

by Justin Williams 1 month ago

when charlie was decapitated, i kid you not, i turned the movie off, went to the bathroom, and threw up for 2 minutes straight

by DOOM slayer 1 month ago

Annie's death scene was the scene that disturbed me the most
with the rest of the scenes (the decapitation, naked people, annie banging her head on the ceiling) made me laugh because of how uncomfortable and scared I was, but in her death scene I couldn't muster a laugh, the facial expressions she made were of fear, pain and horror, she was doing it slowly, like trying to hold back cutting her own head of but then it goes faster and faster and faster like she couldn't hold back anymore or that she gave up

by lol 2 months ago

Cool tips: Paimon is depicted holding three severed heads of women, which are accomplished with the mother, grandmother, and charlie. The grandmother's head was missing when discovered and the moment the mother's head hit the ground was when Paimon could finally enter the body.

by Alec 2 months ago

did charlie’s head come off bc she cut the birds head off?

by mars 2 months ago

You can see a chalk board in Joan's backseat after she just went shopping, showing that it was new and had no connection to her "grandson" as she later claims.

by Konstance 1 month ago

This is the first Kill Count where I was actually scared even during James’ recap

by ShadeSlayer562 1 month ago

Now that you’ve done Heriditary, you should do MidSommar.

by Arturo Gonzalez 2 months ago

I appreciated this movie so much more on the second viewing. One of my favourite modern horrors, but just a heads-up: it's hard to stomach at times.

by Lazy Masquerade 3 months ago

The clips from the movie gave me so many heart attacks, James’ voice was the thing that kept me watching the video

by An Odd Human 2 months ago

That scene after the party is probably the most shocking thing I've ever seen in a movie, I couldn't move.

by fockin great 2 months ago

The clucking sound really bothers me for some reason. I just can't stand it.

by Tracy Thomas 2 months ago

When I was a movie theater worker, this movie played. Whenever I was helping out with closing, the ending would freak me out. Along when I walk home, I felt like I just came out of a nightmare.

by sparky 357 1 month ago

Well done to the numbers head ball FX, but that is soooo not the sound a dodgeball makes on carpet 😜

by Lowcarbcomedy 3 months ago

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