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Ultimate Balance

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#commentary #comedy #react #funny #danny gonzalez

Danny Gonzalez photo 1 Ultimate Balance Danny Gonzalez photo 2 Ultimate Balance Danny Gonzalez photo 3 Ultimate Balance Danny Gonzalez photo 4 Ultimate Balance

Now all Danny needs to do is combine the bracelets with eating a lot of almonds and he'll be basically immortal.

by PreepyCasta 2 months ago

Danny's crush had really good balance...
She never fell for him..
I'm sorry.

by Daniela Vásquez 1 month ago

i love how danny’s skits either turn into a romcom or some kind of murder mystery.

by mob psych 2 months ago

my grandpa still wears his and swears he will fall if he takes it off. the irony is that he’s still ended up in the hospital for falling twice in the past year even with it on

1/21/21 edit: he has fallen again, this time not off of a ladder, but on a curb. i will keep you all updated

by Brooklynne J 2 months ago

I love how they are selling the placebo effect as a bracelet

by its meee queen 2 months ago

Danny should remove the stickers from the bracelets and stick them all over himself to achieve pure and ultimate power

by Amy 1 month ago

Being a child: Gets launched from trampoline, goes up in the air 15 feet, hits the hard ground, and walks it off just fine

Being an adult: I bent over and touched my toes and now I’m seeing stars and my back is broken

by Natalie Naman 2 months ago

“You can’t deny an entire continent- or actually just an entire direction: east”

I cried

by AH WAE 2 months ago

ah yes, eastern philosophies
"this wristband's hologram will provide you with the ultimate balance"
- sun tzu, the art of war

by saralli 2 months ago

The results are in: Danny is better at things after practicing.

by Chandler Ball 2 months ago

i do cheerleading and a girl on my team has one of these... let's just say it doesn't work AT ALL

by tobiestuck 1 month ago

me, who professionally makes and sells tacky lesbian earrings seeing danny use the bracelets as hoops 👀

by cowboy baby 4 weeks ago

No one:
Danny: “In conclusion,

I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ “

by Ainsley Schieffer 2 months ago

if only the child from 'the lamp: just believe' wore those the accident would never happen 😔

by AgataJot 1 month ago

These kinds of products all go in one category: P L A C E B O

by Human Being 2 months ago

As an asian brown girl, i do not claim the "eastern philosophies" they seem to base their rubber band hair tie thingy on.

by areeba akram 2 months ago

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