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The Official Trailer For The Outsiders

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This Is From My Dvd :]
Im so happy my mam bought it for me..
I would be lost without it.
Stay gold

danielle31 photo 1 The Official Trailer For The... danielle31 photo 2 The Official Trailer For The... danielle31 photo 3 The Official Trailer For The... danielle31 photo 4 The Official Trailer For The...

i thought that Dally was supposed to be blonde and look not handsome but he really is handsome

by Kayla Verderosa 6 years ago

I'm reading this book at school and IT'S AMAZING SO FAR! I love it! I decided to look at the trailer to see how the characters look and... Well... It was way different than what I imagined...

by Ellie 6 years ago

"...capturing all the intensity, all the excitement, all the emotions of youth."
Watches a group of boys walk in one direction for one minute.

by Eureka The Pink Kitten 3 years ago

isn't Johnny the guy from the karate kid?

by Keyana Shawl 6 years ago

My class read this book during the end of last year. I never knew that I would love it so much. The casting for this movie is perfect, also. They're all so cute <3

by Paula Levy 7 years ago

I read this book 7 times in two weeks. I DIDNT WANT TO RETURN IT TO THE LIBRARY!

by Sean Cunningham 7 years ago

This should be required reading and viewing for teenagers.

by It's me in 3 2 1 7 years ago

we'll do it for Johnny man do it for Johnny!

by Taylor George 7 years ago

Last year we were reading this book in my reading class and we could take it home with us, when i was readIng the letter part i was crying. Loved the book.

by ItsJustLizaa 6 years ago

Matt dillion still looks as hot as ever.

by CHELS 6 years ago

So.... a bunch of ridiculously hot guys is the only vibe I'm getting from this trailer. 

by Chi 6 years ago

Dallas why can't you look like they described you in the book? YOU'RE KILLING ME! Omg so adorable

by Natalie Kosley 7 years ago

"Ponyboy" he's probably a brony then

by sushibins 4 years ago

wow so who agrees this is by far the hottest cast ever!!

by Nio 8 years ago

Dally Darry Two-Bit Ponyboy perfection

by shelby chang 6 years ago

RIP Johnny and Dally :( we will always love you.

by DerpMeetsTF2 7 years ago

I was so happy when sodapop found ponyboy in the hospital

by Sarah Hussain 5 years ago

Literally crying.. why did johnny have to DIEEEEEEEE?!

by Much Love 4 years ago

Literally just finished the book.... Sadder than the fault in our stars tbh😭😭😭😭😭

by Samantha Shih 6 years ago

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