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I stopped playing Fortnite ages ago and I can’t bear watching YouTubers play it but when Daniel uploads it I watch the whole video and I’m crying with laughter

by Bluey 1 year ago

It wouldn’t be a funny Daniel Harrison with at least a couple wholesome moments

by Fred The Poolsweep 9 months ago

The Rick and Morty thing was the funniest thing ever

Edit: ty guys for the likes

by WWE_Fan2 10 months ago

that’s me when I do something wrong

by Clapz Reggie 10 months ago

look at his face....i lost it😂😂😂

by pigeon gaming 11 months ago

I wanna see more of OhMisty lol

by Yttrium 1 year ago

“Fake friends come and go. He’s really the one that lost you” i love daniel too much

by Nameless Chap 10 months ago

No one:
Literally no one:
Daniel: Teleport, like my dad

by ethan clinnick 10 months ago

It’s so sad that the name was wakanda when the actor of Black panther died R.I.P ChadWick :(

by Ava _Gacha 5 months ago

“To teleport” Daniel: “my dad did that. I am legit dying rn

by Freddy McMuffins 10 months ago

What ability would you choose?

kid: teleport

daniel: nice, my dad did that

by Jeyst 1 year ago

Iron girl-“to teleport”
Daniel-“that’s what my dad did”

by Nick Dolce 10 months ago

it’s was so funny when he said “I have three kids and all named Rocco “ because I’m called Rocco lmao 😆

by sweaty anonymous 4 weeks ago

"any super secret power?"
"yea, teleport"
.............. "my dad did that"

by Rufus Skelton 10 months ago

me: looks at the heart box chocolates thinks Forest Gump reference "life is like a box of chocolates."

by Jacob Hennon 10 months ago



by iLoganberry 1 year ago

me when my mum asks what I’m doing on my phone at 3am eating a brunch bar 😂😂

by Rosey Cupcake 6 months ago

I’ve watched this 15 times already dis week 😂

by roop roop 10 months ago

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