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The 50 Most Legendary Among Us 200IQ Moments! (AMONG US BEST IMPOSTER PLAYS & 200IQ MOMENTS )

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The 50 Most Legendary Among Us 200IQ Moments! (AMONG US BEST IMPOSTER PLAYS & 200IQ MOMENTS )
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Hosted By: Peter Stout
This is Among Us video where we feature the most genius & 200iq imposter plays done by streamers & community players such as among us imposter best moments, among us best imposter plays, among us imposter plays, among us imposter win, imposter iq play, imposter best plays, among us compilation, best among us moments ever, among us funny moments, among us funny, among us best imposter strategy, among us big brain, among us 200iq moments, among us iq & MORE!
Streams/Sources, All of the players have been credited in the video!
Welcome to Daily Dose Of Among Us. We create well-edited Among Us best & funny moments videos. If you want to see best Among Us gameplay moments with very creative and original edits and latest Among Us news and leaks, then subscribe!
Our videos are made to fulfill people & make them happy, we upload different types of call of duty series that each one has its own unique idea & editing. The editing process of each video takes more than 10 hours & this includes, -Picking the best clips
-Adding commentary
-Editing video (perfect cuts, subtitles & MORE!)
-Creating thumbnail
Disclaimer: Recently, some people are sending us clips through our submission forms that they don't own, if you see your clip here & you didn't submit it, please send us email through: xxeoneditsgmail.com

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Daily Dose Of Among Us photo 1 The 50 Most Legendary Among... Daily Dose Of Among Us photo 2 The 50 Most Legendary Among... Daily Dose Of Among Us photo 3 The 50 Most Legendary Among... Daily Dose Of Among Us photo 4 The 50 Most Legendary Among...

I’m confused. Half of these are just ordinary plays. Nothing “legendary” about them.

by Bobby Frydell 1 month ago

Blue: i saw orange vent
Orange: i saw red flee from a body
Red: yellow be acting sus
Blue: yeah its yellow

Pink was not The Imposter

by Dane Films 1 month ago

Someone records a normal double kill
Random youtube channel: big brain

by Swift 1 month ago

Toast didn't make it into the list since this is only for 200iq plays

by Koton Bads 1 month ago

“The most legendary among us 200iq moments”

by OOF 1 month ago

"What is it when you melt sand?"
"It turns to glass"

by —taeyinz 3 hours ago

I cant believe a bot kill is a "legendary moment"

by Miguel Mendioro 4 weeks ago

what's so big brain about this? He's playing by himself.

by GreaterCreation 1 month ago

there is so many things that dont fit in with this video

by Mysty 1 month ago

A guy just literally killed a f***ing dummy

by Adrian Lewis 1 month ago

did you really just include a clip from a practice game lmao

by Aaron Ostach 1 month ago

What it says: 50 LEGENDARY MOMENTS

Reality: Kills on dummy round.

by Isaac Lee 3 weeks ago

where's the legendary toast video where he manipulated cizzors so bad? this video is not legit without it~

by TCG Arsenal 1 month ago

How this is 200iq this is more like
-200iq play the cameras was on

by Kevin Szilagyi 14 hours ago

can someone tell me what just happened in this one

by Sauro4 1 month ago

wtf how is this “legendary”

by Andrew.mp4 1 month ago

ngl, there are some good ones, but most of these are just luck... if the people asked the right questions, then they 4 sure could have got the imposter

by xXBoss TurtleXx 1 month ago

Goblin is good Ghost Impostor

Edit: Thanks For 230+ Likes I never had in my Life yet👻

by Gurmantaj Sidhu 1 month ago

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