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It was just a prank bro... :'( but she didn't get it
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#Grudge #Prank #Animation #Cartoons #Sister #Scared #Story Time #CypherDen #Horror #Scary #Hide and Seek #Rivalry #Funny Stories #Sibling #Scaring People

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Hey hi hi. I haven't uploaded in a while so I'm super anxious. Hi!! I've missed yall. <3

by CypherDen 2 months ago

Everyone's gangsta until your prank ends up with your house burning down and your family disowning you

by Justin Y. 2 months ago

Me: I want to have a sibling, it must be
People with siblings: are you sure about that?

by I'mGey 08 2 months ago

All is good until your sibling is trying to stab you with a pencil

by Alyss Mainwaring 2 months ago

Fans: Where have you been!?

Cypher: ya know there's a channel called Recreyo right-?

by LofiMarble 2 months ago

I didn’t even read the title. I saw it was cypher Den I clicked faster than James Charles can say hi sisters 😂

by Emma Fasciani 2 months ago

Do siblings relationships actually get better because mine isn’t looking to good

by Animation Fan 2 months ago

Den: Hiding

Kidneys: Haha Pee go whoosh.

Also, as an older sibling, I can relate to this.

by Odd-ysseus Does Stuff 2 months ago

This is a funny sibling story, but can we give respect to 7yr-old Robyn for standing her ground. She is scared out of her mind about this potential demon approaching her, and she essentially goes "I'm not going down without a fight b****" AS A 7YR-OLD! Huge respect. I hope that courage stuck with her.

by Nerd Baby 2 months ago

robyn flys out of the house

“Cyperden was totally not the imposter trying to scare her little sister
Robyn was the imposter”

by Darkside_alpha10 2 months ago

Den’s new favorite phrase


by Mello Top Hat 2 months ago

I used to think my little sister was an alien.

by DimKitt 2 months ago

Den: "I'm not a monster."
Also Den: *scares her little sister using an actual horror movie monster*
- This comment was written by Younger Sibling Gang

by Deya Chaudhuri 2 months ago

Only True OGs of this vid knows that the thumbnail has been changed.

by GeekEater 2 months ago

When I first started watching Den's video's I thought she was super cool and kinda intimidating but now I realize she's a really funny sweet human bean :D

by Artsy Lizzy 2 months ago

Me that has the raycon ear buds✨: I’m 6 parallel universes ahead of you😌💅✨

by Dat_1_who’s_ Loading 2 months ago

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