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impulsively bleaching & dyeing my hair lol

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✧・゚: *✧・゚:* some notes *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
- I have created a caard on resources for current events: https://cupofjasmien.carrd.co/ PLEASE let me know if there is any more stuff i should add!
- my hair is still on my head surprisingly
- gray hair dye: pravana chromasilk vivid hair color silver
- green hair dye: mix of lunar tides hair in slate gray, smokey blue, juniper green and arctic fox phantom green
- honestly might just dye my green hair part to a dark charcoal (which will fade to a green) in a bit who knows LMAOOOOO kinda tired of the green
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Rooftop - https://thmatc.co/?l=F66950E3
right - https://thmatc.co/?l=E969BC9A
lemon - https://thmatc.co/?l=C169FF92
The Springs - https://thmatc.co/?l=E169B1F2
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ig: jaschann
art/tattoo ig: novchild.jpg
tiktok: jaschann
spotify: https://spoti.fi/3i9RYSE
apple: https://apple.co/3g4icnr
#quarantine #selfquarantine #quarantinevlog
Stay Safe and Stay Strong my loves.

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cup of jasmien photo 1 impulsively bleaching & dyeing my... cup of jasmien photo 2 impulsively bleaching & dyeing my... cup of jasmien photo 3 impulsively bleaching & dyeing my... cup of jasmien photo 4 impulsively bleaching & dyeing my...

resources for current events: PLEASE let me know if there is any more stuff i should add!
ig: @jaschann
art/tattoo ig: @novchild.jpg
tiktok: @jaschann
podcast- spotify:

also. my hair is still on my head i barely lost any of it thank goodness. products are all in the description box.

by cup of jasmien 6 months ago

The way jasmine can pull off literally any color combo on her hair like-

by makeart 6 months ago

ok but like...I literally thought she shaved her head in the second pic💀💀

by Sarah Sailo 6 months ago

“i also have not trimmed my eyebrows in like.. a week and they look a mess.”
me, who hasn’t trimmed my brows in over 6 months: :,)

by diora 6 months ago

this girl is literally wearing a combination of swamp/dark emerald green with grey bangs. we all want to be as iconic

by a i l i 6 months ago

As jasmien already said: BLESS HER ASIAN HAIR GENES

by Saanvi Sharma 6 months ago

no one:

girls in quarantine: bleaching and dying my hair

by asia lanzi 6 months ago

Oh boi I also have green hair atm and perhaps want to bleach it so lets see how it works for u ahahah

by honeybeartae 6 months ago

"its ok no ones gonna see me" meanwhile 20k views in 2 hours

by girluv55 6 months ago

it looks really good and i actually think you’d really suit blonde if you ever tried that. tbh i think you could pull off any hair colour dhdhdh

by Lottie Ele 6 months ago

loved the finished look, green looks stunning on you,,,,, but the bleach roots and green ends was kinda a look 👀

by Valeriene Ladd 6 months ago

seeing everyone change their hair is making me want to dye mine T_T

by miki 6 months ago

*Me: thinking about wether or not I should dye my hair*
*also me: sees this video*

by Kathryn Andresen 6 months ago

I rly love the semi-mullet style haircut u got lol

by Gigi 6 months ago

the blonde roots with the green was such a look to be honest, I literally sat there thinking she'd only dye the bangs and I was SO EXCITED for this 3 colors hair combo I got really sad when she brought up the green dye

by Just a random person. 6 months ago

Her hair kinda reminded me of BLACKPINK Jennie’s hair in how u like that

by sour milk 6 months ago

"Before I start I'm gonna change this..."
proceeds to put on a white shirt

by ashmeen mann 6 months ago

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