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The Case for a VP Susan Rice | Pod Save the World

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Former Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes and NSC Spokesperson Tommy Vietor make the case for Susan Rice as Vice President, the latest on escalation tensions between the US and China, US plans to sell advanced armed drones abroad, two Trump donors turned ambassadors are engulfed in scandal, anti-corruption protests threaten the government in Bulgaria, Bob Gates writes a book and we’re confused, the truth about TikTok and things aren’t looking good for Major League Baseball.
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#susan rice VP #election #foreign policy #who will be biden's VP #vp race #Susan Rice #biden #kamala harris #2020 election #elizabeth warren #susan rice for vice president

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Susan Rice is the most qualified potential Vice on Biden’s shortlist. Someone who, if she becomes president, I’d be glad she’s in charge.

by Gustavo Alverio 5 days ago

Susan Rice has my vote for VP! She is a proven diplomat and leader.

by Tony 5 days ago

If Susan Rice doesn't get the VP pick, Secretary of State for sure.

by Greg K 5 days ago

Totally into Susan Rice. Ms Rice has experience. She knows Biden and I think she would be the best candidate for VP then President

by kehcat1 5 days ago

Susan Rice had the best tweet after Trump cancelled the ball-throw that he wasn't invited to: "What's the matter, Mr. President? Can't get it up and over the plate? Strike!" Badass.

by OttawaAndy 6 days ago

Without doubt, she is the best qualified to be Biden's running mate. C'mon, Joe, make it happen! (Kamala Harris for AG.)

by Johnny Mac 5 days ago

I believe Susan Rice would be a great VP and she has worked with Joe before. Trust built in already.

by Jelly Belly 5 days ago

She has been my first choice for a while and I'm glad you're arguing in support of her.

by Deborah Cohen 5 days ago

Definitely the best choice! She will be able to step into the Presidency right away!

by hawarshawki1985 6 days ago

She's has been my obvious pick all along, BECAUSE SHE CLEARLY IS CAPABLE OF GOVERNING, in both domestic and foreign affairs. For obvious reasons, this is paramount in selecting a VP for the 78-year old Biden.

by James Waugh 5 days ago

Susan Rice should be out next Vice President. No one else is more prepare for that job like her.

by Julia Sanchez 2 days ago

Biden also has to have heavy hitters in his cabinet as he has a virtual reconstruction to do.

by Eclectic Muse 5 days ago

Rice is my top choice. Warren for Senate Majority Leader (don't want her to give up her Senate seat), Harris for AG. I have spoken, let it be so.

by barbtries 5 days ago


by kruuz trump 2 days ago

I always thought Susan Rice would be the perfect VP.

by Bv Knshg 6 days ago

I was thinking that a VP spot would be under-utilizing Susan Rice's talents and experience, but she WOULD be able to take charge in case something happens to Biden. And that has to be one of the criteria for this pick.

by Pat McCann 5 days ago

Right from the start, I've always thought that Susan Rice would have been the perfect V.P. for Hillary Clinton. She's by far the only candidate who has the full credentials who can stand proudly of her work in terms of negotiating, with the integrity in representing American values who will work nonstop to push Joe Biden's worthwhile causes for the greater good not only in the U.S. but around the world. And fyi, she's not even a politician but a true, yet humble public servant who gets the job done

by Gerardo Gaddi 6 days ago

How sad is it that we’re talking about a candidate that is qualified and will have to spend her time repairing everything Trump has screwed up? Wouldn’t it be so much better if we can utilize these extraordinary talented people to build a better America rather than repair it!!

by Solange Bstunglips 5 days ago

Can you imagine what she would do in a debate with Mike Pence? It would a "no contest" event!

by Johnny Mac 5 days ago

Pompeo: a Military Academy graduate who should be tried for treason.

by s'lian yong 3 days ago

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