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Top 10 Everyday Apple Watch Uses! Why You Need One

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This video is a look at my Top 10 Everyday Apple Watch Uses. There are so many great uses and these reasons might be why you need one too. There is how to use hands free Siri, Messages, Calendars, Audiobooks, Podcast, Apple Music, Dictation, Works outs and so much more.
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Craig's Tech Talk photo 1 Top 10 Everyday Apple Watch... Craig's Tech Talk photo 2 Top 10 Everyday Apple Watch... Craig's Tech Talk photo 3 Top 10 Everyday Apple Watch... Craig's Tech Talk photo 4 Top 10 Everyday Apple Watch...

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by Craig's Tech Talk 5 months ago

Iโ€™m trying to convince myself to buy it so I keep watching Apple videos lol

by Andres Samuel 3 months ago

can we appreciate this guy treating siri like a swear word so 800 devices donโ€™t all go โ€œping pingโ€

by Saiuri D. 3 months ago

Silent alarm. I get up early for exercise and donโ€™t want to wake my wife. The silent alarm tapping my wrist wakes me up. Silent ringing as well. In an office environment, ringing mobiles are distracting but my phone is always on silent and my watch taps my arm for incoming calls. Simple, but the simple things make life easy

by Brett St Pierre 7 months ago

Well doing the dishes and you need to answer a telephone call, just tap the watch face with your nose.

by Wayne Wilen 6 months ago

I legitimately gave this video a like because you were amazing enough to mute the word "Siri" so my phone didn't freak out

by Zane Shaw 6 months ago

I love how he censored the word siri

by Thuck My Ath 3 months ago

I use the find my phone button quite often. Most under rated use on the Apple Watch

by Scott Manzo 5 months ago

I have to admit, Apple Pay on my Watch made my trip to London so much easier. Just straight through the turnstiles for the Tube and onto the bus, didn't need to get my wallet or anything out. Amazingly simple

by Jude Taylor 7 months ago

I donโ€™t have a Watch and havenโ€™t had one for years....Iโ€™m diving straight in and getting me a Series 6 for my Birthday. I deserve it!!!

by patrick Walsh 4 days ago

My most used Apple Watch feature was pinging my phone, so I could locate my phone when I forgot where I put it. ๐Ÿคฃ

by Justin Xia 1 month ago

My exercise regularity has gone up significantly, since I got an Apple Watch..

by Chiradeep Ghosh 4 months ago

just love that 007 feeling with my apple watch

by I. R 6 months ago

When Iโ€™m sending a message with dictation my 10 year old loves to yell random things right before I hit send. It gets added to the message every time

by Ickess 4 months ago

I would be so tempted to get an Apple Watch if they allowed Spotify downloads.

by Geth Pathfinder 6 months ago

Also, because Iโ€™m a grownup I called my husband from my watch while I was in the shower and he was in the living room. I asked him if it was raining in there too.

by Maria santos 7 months ago

That's so strange... This video was supposed to convince me to get an Apple Watch, but it actually proved to me why I didn't need one.

Literally all of those features are already on my iPhone (except ECG/heart rate). I was going to say that I'd probably use the podcast/audiobook/music feature of the Watch, but I bring my phone with my everywhere anyway (including my runs). People would argue "Why not just get a Watch so you don't have to bring your phone?" My argument against that is "Why not just bring your phone and save the $500??". The Activity/Workout/Heart Rate/ECG feature was also drawing me to the Watch, but if you're a young and experienced lifter/runner, does it matter?... Maybe once I'm 40 I'll get my first Apple Watch and that's 12 years away. In 12 years, I bet we've already got tech implanted into our brains, so I don't think I'll ever get an Apple Watch at this rate.

This video's actually convinced me that the Apple Watch is literally a luxury item. It's not a "need". I have no doubt that it's 100% a "want".

by KVNCNLS 4 weeks ago

I use my Apple watch for:

1. Timers - when I go on break I set either a 15 or 30-minute timer so I know to clock back in.

2. Alarms - I donโ€™t like that I wake up the whole house(or at least my girl and our eldest) when my alarm goes off so I set the alarm on my watch.

3. Find iPhone - my kids always play with my phone and sometimes I have no idea where my phone goes. This feature lets me find it in seconds and also gives the children a fun game to play when they canโ€™t remember where they put the phone after they borrow it.

4. Flashlight - Useful for a number of things. When you have to use the toilet at night but donโ€™t want to wake up your partner by turning on the light. Or when youโ€™re looking for something and thereโ€™s no immediate source of light to turn on.

5. Tile - I use Tile trackers for my valuables and using the app on the watch makes it even easier to ping your things when you just canโ€™t find them.

6. Dreamwatch - App that tracks sleeping habits. Very useful information to gauge your sleep time.

7. Calls - I call people on it when its a very short conversation. Usually when I lose people inside a store or when I canโ€™t find where my girl parked our car.

8. Music and Media - When Iโ€™m listening to music on my airpods or headphones I use the watch to easily control volume and skip or rewind songs.

9. Text - Iโ€™m not sure if all the different series do this but the scribble feature to reply to text has saved me more than once. In situations where pulling uour phone out would be longer than just scribbling a quick reply to a text is crucial. Especially when youโ€™re under a ton of PPE and face to face with a Covid-19 patient.

by Alfred Fonacier III 1 month ago

I use Apple Watch as phone insurance. Every time you take your phone out of your pocket is another chance to drop it.

by Ted L 4 months ago

I have a series 4. Love it for the activity reminders and sending texts. Also love feeling like James Bond when I answer the phone by talking to my wrist. Haha

by Peachy Lane 7 months ago

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