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ZAYN - PillowTalk (Lyrics)

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Lyrics of Zayn Malik's new single PillowTalk x

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by Chxxn_ 1 week ago

talking about sex without saying word sex what a gentleman.

by A B 7 months ago

Zayn’s daughter: dad how was I born

by Zizy Ali 3 months ago

That moment you realize that this song isn't about pillows and pillow fights.

by Nelia Macias 10 months ago

Remember kids: this is the same person who was in one direction

by Bill Ross 9 months ago

And this is how Gigi and Zayn formed their baby

by nichloe 8 months ago

My used to be innocent ass clicked on this thinking it was about a pillow

by Mariyam Nasira 1 year ago

Thank god, my parents do not understand english.

Edited because many people have corrected me.
We can all make mistakes, English is not my native language.
Those who kindly corrected me, thank you.

by 재현 6 months ago

The ONLY bad thing about this song is, that I can't sing it at the top of my loungs, because my parents would turn it in a life lesson

by Define Girlfriends 9 months ago

All days : nothing
In quarantaine :
" In the bed all days , in the bed all days"

by Lisa-Marie Soula 10 months ago

My young ass and me now hears and understand the lyrics different

by I see 9 months ago

when this song came out i was too young to understand it...can't believe i went around singing it lmfao

by imogen lyne 7 months ago

I think Zayn left 1D just so he could swear

by BopGHTV 4 years ago

i never knew how dirty this song was until i actually read the lyrics- 💀

by d e f y i n g l i f e 5 months ago

When you realize it wasn’t about a pillow: 👁💧👄💧👁

by Lol K 5 months ago

2043 anyone? Just saying this to beat everyone.

by Heaven Waters 6 months ago

I feel so jealous from Gigi because all these songs are about her. damn Zayn ADORES her!

by nikkibrie holic 7 months ago

I shouldn't have read the lyrics
I shouldn't have..
But man the song's addicting

by MoMo_ 88 7 months ago

Chan played dive in but can't play this one um anyways-

by yasmeen 1 week ago

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