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Emma Chamberlain, Coffee Queen & CEO, Has Impeccable Taste ☕ | Expensive Taste Test | Cosmopolitan

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Guys, Emma Chamberlain wasn’t lying—she’s a total coffee connoisseur. We challenged the YouTube queen (and our February cover star!!!) to a very special Expensive Taste Test challenge, where she attempts to pick out the bougiest gummy bears, PB&J sandwiches, iPhone camera attachments, and more! With her trademark humor, the ‘Chamberlain Coffee’ CEO absolutely destroys the cold brew round without breaking a sweat. And uh, not to spoil anything, but Iggy Azalea might be pissed when she sees the end of this vid!
Want more Emma? Read her interview here! www.cosmopolitan.com/emma-chamberlain
Shoutout to Fred Segal Sunset in Los Angeles for letting us shoot in their gorgeous store. Emma's adorbs sweatshirt is THE Marc Jacobs..
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Cosmopolitan photo 1 Emma Chamberlain, Coffee Queen &... Cosmopolitan photo 2 Emma Chamberlain, Coffee Queen &... Cosmopolitan photo 3 Emma Chamberlain, Coffee Queen &... Cosmopolitan photo 4 Emma Chamberlain, Coffee Queen &...

I feel like they even changed the editing style to suit her😂

by Tatyana Lopez 9 months ago

Her makeup artist aged her about 10 years lmao.

by Eden.2.personal 9 months ago

I'm shocked that I actually really like her personality. She's intelligent too. The way she analyzes things is amazing.

by Ron Bon 9 months ago

She knows better because she wasn’t rich all her life .

by Alla Klinch 7 months ago

Why is no one talking about how she got a perfect score :O

by Reet 9 months ago

she looks like a middle aged mother who smokes with the makeup

by sunniva mari 9 months ago

She’s so smart no one gives her enough credit

by Grace B 9 months ago

Emma gagging on gum was the highlight of my morning.

by The Big Jackpot 9 months ago

My opinion she looks so much prettier without make or just light makeup

by Julia Mooney 5 months ago

no one:
literally no one:

emma when she has to taste the chocolate: omg im so excited i'm on my period

by Genesis Abarca 7 months ago

She is so authentic and true to herself. Zero pretense on this woman. LOVE HER.

by Micaela Hoo 9 months ago

The fact that she's so successful that Marc Jacobs dressed her with the same sweaters Harry Styles wears.... ICONIC

by Adriana F 4 months ago

My favorite thing about Emma is she never apologizes for being herself

by Skyprincess 1995 9 months ago

I watched the damelios sisters one and then this one, girl, they are boringggggg, emma is far more entretaining, pardon my english jijij

by Paula González 1 month ago

I like how she didn’t let her opinion on favorite really change her overall decision

by Black Screen 9 months ago

I love how they kinda tried to Imitate Emma's editing style (at least they tried to edit funnier)

by dreamy fern 9 months ago

the fact that she said "This is more expensive" with NO DOUBTS just amazed me

by Elena Faizah 3 months ago

Is no one gonna talk about the fact that she was on her period but she was wearing white pants

by Alex Whittemore 1 month ago

Wasn’t she the girl who sold scrunchies for $30 each??

by Rebelle Game 9 months ago

Invite Paris Hilton!!! Who’s down for it 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

by Mcgrew Yethxijari 6 months ago

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