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CORPSE 666 IQ Best Among Us IMPOSTER Plays

Corpse Husband photo 1 CORPSE 666 IQ Best Among... Corpse Husband photo 2 CORPSE 666 IQ Best Among... Corpse Husband photo 3 CORPSE 666 IQ Best Among... Corpse Husband photo 4 CORPSE 666 IQ Best Among...

Everyone: talking about who murdered
Poki: Doing her makeup

by ChøpóTunes 20 hours ago

corpse: *kills*
everyone: OH NO! anyways.

by bellitza. 1 day ago

Everyone: who is the impostor?
Poki: casually doing her makeup

by アンナAnna 1 day ago

Im fan of the sweet things he said about everyone and then: so heres clips of me killing my friends. lol

by Aprende con Momovipro 1 week ago

Corpse hit puberty while he was in his mom’s womb.

by Guud Guy 1 day ago

everybody: it’s corpse
corpse: talks
everybody: ok maybe toast?
his voice is so powerful omg

by BrashDirector 1 day ago

Sykkuno: "you know what we can trust our friend corpse, he would never turn us into a corpse."
Corpse: 1 min later kills him

by mrs moana 20 hours ago

Corpse: talking about being grateful about his among us buddies and subscribers
A second later:

Anyways, here's clips of me killing my friends

by KiMi_ RO 1 week ago

Everyone: discussing locations and sussing people
Poki: "imma just fix my makeup"

by Jackleno 567 1 day ago

everyone: omg his voice!
me: why his personality so cute?

by Karen Hobden 1 day ago


Me: “Have you heard Corpse speak?”

by Azawrath 1 day ago

YouTube: Corpse Hus-
Me: 🏃‍♀️

by Seagul Jk 1 week ago

Everyone is trusting CORPSE because of his voice....he can scare everyone through his voice

by Michael James B 1 day ago

Is James Charles ok he looks like he's been crying in the first clip

by nullFoo 1 day ago

Corpse: says something really touching in the intro to thank all his friends and supporters for how much he have achieved anything now

Also Corpse: anyways, so here's clips of me killing my friends

by aoki 1 day ago

Corpse:lying his ass off
Everyone:I believe you corpse
Me:y can’t this happen with my parents

by Beesann Loubani 21 hours ago

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