Ray Dalio: The 2020 Crisis Will Be Bigger Than The 2008 Recession

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In this video we show you exactly why Ray Dalio thinks the 2020 crisis will be worse than the 2008 recession and why it's looking similar to the 1930 great depression.
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We have yet to see the bottom fellas

by Sage Hornet 6 months ago

Been hearing this negative story since 2008. Get over it.

by Norman Potts 1 month ago

Traders are often so fixated on their winning trades that they totally ignore their losing trades. But it’s from your losing trades from which you stand to learn the most.

by Mason Poulsen 4 months ago

How does he know it's every 45-75 yrs, there's not enough data to account for that. His theory makes sense though.

by the nibelung 6 months ago

I am worried about the USD. 2 TRILLION $ RISE in the BALANCE SHEET of the FED IN TWO WEEKS?! This might turn out to be the second Venezuela. Where, on paper, everybody should be filthy RICH because their stock market rose 2170% in the last year. RICHT, right? Weeeeeeelll.....the bolivar (their currency) dropped 2200% relative to other commodities (take silver or gold for example). So, bottom line their market is down 30% - BECAUSE OF ABUNDANT MONEY PRINTING. That's what's got me worried. And here I am yelling on the internet again, while all Tristan deserves is a big round of applause for putting out content in these tough times!

by B.A.B.Y. - Investment Ideas & Stock Analysis 6 months ago

No one theory works all the time for every scenario because one must adapt to the ever changing world as well as the manipulated markets.

by GETTING OFF THE COUCH 6 months ago

2008 was the warning shot, we didn't correct our mistakes.

by Kien Hweng Tai 2 months ago

This is taken from his recent TED video.

by Shivam Singh 6 months ago

It's all biblical prepare while you still can. Ain't seen nothing yet.

by Christian 2 days ago

If you say “the market is gonna crash” constantly eventually you will be right.

by B Hunter 6 months ago

It already was bigger at the time you published this video!

by Super Class 6 months ago

hasn’t Dalio said you’d be crazy to own bonds right now? lol

by Maxime 6 months ago

In a very recent interview (available on YouTube from Bloomberg, I think "Investment Talk"), Dalio said bonds will not work after inflation starts. Unfortunately, the interviewer cut Dalio off before he could tell us what financial assets he is converting his bond assets to. If you find out, please update this excellent video.

by Glenn K. Sato 6 months ago

well we haven't seen a global lockdown of this proportion .. like ever ..

by Tahmid Talks 6 months ago

Can we hold Dalio accountable if he’s wrong? He’s been crying doomsday for a while now (before the virus)

by David Moxam 5 months ago

Thank you for this and all the other videos! So helpful!! I have expected the down time(crash) in near future, but this video gave me a chill! I hope this is not true, but we all should prepare for the worst-case scenario...😣

by Mami Mori 1 month ago

Hopefully time to invest as we're going down

by Mason Seymour 3 months ago

With debt at $25 trillion why don't we have skyrocketing inflation? Why isn't gold going thru the roof?

by J W 6 months ago

I’m thinking the same thing. This could be much larger, bubble 2.0 cause the original bubble was never fixed, it was patched up. We can easily see more downside so we have to be prepared for that 🤭

by Nick Scuderi - RealLife Money 6 months ago

You can't exactly use a graph of the stock market to indicate debt cycles

by James Riis 6 months ago

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