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🎬 NEW update Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 and map update easer eggs! In this video we look at the major Season 3 Secret Easter Eggs that have just been added in Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 2 Battle Royale! These Fortnite locations are changing. Watch *NEW* MAJOR SEASON 3 SECRET *EASTER EGGS* THAT HAVE JUST BEEN ADDED! (Battle Royale) and see if we can uncover the Season 3 Midas returning easter eggs and map update changes for season 3 gameplay, easter eggs, trailer for season 3 in Fortnite!
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CommunicGaming photo 1 *NEW* MAJOR SEASON 3 SECRET... CommunicGaming photo 2 *NEW* MAJOR SEASON 3 SECRET... CommunicGaming photo 3 *NEW* MAJOR SEASON 3 SECRET... CommunicGaming photo 4 *NEW* MAJOR SEASON 3 SECRET...

Me when he dies:
Me when he kills the player:

by Santy Reese 6 months ago

The fact that he didn’t pick up a blue ar

by Inf1nit 6 months ago

I found midas’s chair go to the floating no sweat insurance building and look through all the crates and in one of them you can find Midas golden chair

by mattmarcy1 6 months ago

Theory time doo doo doo doo
The fortnite storyline is backwards, thats how jules died, from the shadow agency water levels getting lower and the walls collapsed making the athourity fall with it, and thats how jules died (idk about kit tho its just a thought. ;-;

by Chloe B 6 months ago

In one of his videos he talks about Midas's boat on the table there was a bored game but now it's gone I think that the bored game under the chest is the bored game from the boat

by Asah Shaw 6 months ago

The ghost reflection isn’t a glitch it is in fact a GHOST of team ghost but like it make sense

by Yuta Asahina 6 months ago

When you look into the table that as always been there

by Phishand Ships 6 months ago

Cg: This is the last relic of the ghosts
Fortilla and the ghost ship: Am I a joke to you?

by Lőrinc Kocsán 6 months ago

The first second I saw the first easter egg reflection thing, I 100 persent thought it was a reflection. He showed that it was not a reflection so I went straight to Fortnite and saw the reflection thingy. I was bad enough so I got killed by a person with a Charge shotgun.

by Simon Feng 6 months ago

for the thumbnail, are you dumb or something, Midas literally got eaten alive

by aJoshM1306 6 months ago

When you get in a boat they show were the gas stations are

by xx_jameson YT 6 months ago

I found the first one when season 3 first started

by DELTA Gaming 6 months ago

I discovered the agency one at the beginning of the season

by Destiny 3965 6 months ago

The Juicy "Dumb" of the day (or however it's called)

by Max Lehrieder 6 months ago

Imagine in the agency grows out of the table and damage half of the authority

by SNOWMAN3161 6 months ago

This Clickbaiter: "A golden Midas car sunken deep underwater"

but the water is right above it 🤡🤡

by Kakashi Hatake 6 months ago

The storm was on his side whenever you want to agency I’m in authority

by Cdog 6 months ago

I believe when the map un floods the agency’s remains are gonna be under there

by bad 6 months ago

I found it at the beginning of this season me and my friend were making theories

by ToxZik wolf 6 months ago

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