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🎬 NEW update Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 and map update trailer! In this video we look at the FINDING SECRET VENOM *LOCATION* THAT EPIC GAMES WAS TRYING TO HIDE Season 4 in Chapter 2. These Fortnite locations are changing. Watch *NEW* FINDING SECRET VENOM *LOCATION* THAT EPIC GAMES WAS TRYING TO HIDE! (Battle Royale) and see if we can uncover the Season 4 collection Venom location room Update Easter eggs and map update changes for season 4 gameplay, easter eggs, trailer for season 4 Chapter 2 in Fortnite!
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CommunicGaming photo 1 *NEW* FINDING SECRET VENOM *LOCATION*... CommunicGaming photo 2 *NEW* FINDING SECRET VENOM *LOCATION*... CommunicGaming photo 3 *NEW* FINDING SECRET VENOM *LOCATION*... CommunicGaming photo 4 *NEW* FINDING SECRET VENOM *LOCATION*...

When the screen was shaking he’s shiled was taken

by Mani Hami 2 weeks ago

It’s sad that he resorted to clickbait when his old videos had content sad to watch

by Rudy Ruckman 1 week ago

That so called venom henchmen, is the girl superhero skin with the full mask on

by Logan Riddle 2 weeks ago

The venom henchmen looks like a enderman

by Caden Cobb 2 weeks ago

That photo of the “venom henchmen” was just one of those new superhero skins added being shaken down

by cooper_ 37 1 week ago

I think I know what is going on venom is hiding in one of the slurp barriers and the nomoms are scare of venom so that are blowing up the barriers to kill venom but that blew up the wrong slurp barriers

by Fortnite Pro 2 weeks ago

Venom was a bad guy but at the end of the movie he turned good

by king berry YT 1 week ago

Ya know that henchmen looking a lot like the custumable hero’s

by Drips ! 1 week ago

Is anybody noticing that that's actually a customizable skin not the venom henchman

by pablito Santoyo 2 weeks ago

Yeah he’s an anti-hero

by Elliott 3 weeks ago

I'm lost Venom it's my favorite thing I collect tons of them figurines I'm 11 years old and I really want the Venom skin to really be in fortnite because I love them but I do not have fortnite and that is very sad for me I used to have it but my dad deleted it off my switch I want a choice to turn into venom and Eddie

by lukas d 2 weeks ago

The “venom henchmen” is just a custom hero skin -_-

by christopher green 2 weeks ago

Look guys he’s taking shild from the toxic

by ksi Yt 3 weeks ago

your taking damage when you get near it

by Landon 1520 2 weeks ago

It looks like a enderman and if you wanna play bigfoot in fortnite just find wolverine in the game he can only spawn in weeping woods or slurpyswamps 😁

by Physics Blaze 2 weeks ago

Remember ur old venom voice troll vids in like 2018 2019

by Cath Weller 3 weeks ago

Venom only really had venom leaking out of his mouth is the 90's

by Murloc RJ 4 days ago

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