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South Park Pandemic Special - Official Trailer

The pandemic comes to South Park in a new one-hour special, September 30.
About South Park, It’s hard being a kid growing up in South Park, Colorado, what with all the insane adults, deranged celebrities and the occasional talking turd. But somehow, Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny manage to have themselves a time.
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Matt and Trey don't even need to come up with ideas, 2020 is practically one long season of South Park already

by kookygremlin24 3 weeks ago

So which characters do we think will be anti mask?? Besides cartman thats too easy 😂 i could see Butter’s dad being anti mask... 😂

by LavenousForever 2 weeks ago

The cure for corona is tegridy weed laced with Butter's secret goo.

by Vengeful Guppy 2 weeks ago

knowing South Park, they aren't gonna hold anything back.

by shadow rush 2 weeks ago

South park is not a parody anymore. It’s a documentary

by Yusi UC 3 weeks ago

Will it be available on itunes after airing ?

by Lima FX 1 week ago

Bruh ever since 2020 started, we’re just living in a South Park timeline lmfao

by Tomie Tanaka 2 weeks ago

Literally real life. The irony and the satire is awfully realistic. Only if the population understood the genius behind this episode of South Park.

by Built Myself 5 days ago

They could literally make a whole season based on this.

by RazorWave 2 weeks ago

I’m not just sure, I’m Covid-19 positive

by Peter Caiazzo 3 weeks ago

South Park is the only thing we have left

by golden briccs 2 weeks ago

i just bought all the seasons of south park to teach my kids history from home

by dildo Shwaggins 2 weeks ago

"Stanley, listen to me I have SARS There's only a ninety eighty percent chance that I will live." Randy

Funny thing is that this virus is Sars Covid19 just like 2003

by gvi341984 2 weeks ago


Did me garrison really just tourch the only thing that had a cure? There really was a last of us 2 reference

by SPARTAN GHOST98 1 week ago

Why is Kenny wearing a mask? He already has been covering his face since season 1

by RainintheBrain 2 weeks ago

Here's a hot take: I'm tired of the 'tegrity farms Randy show, can't we move on?

by QX1138 2 weeks ago

It kinda gets boring to see randy still being a weed farmer. I liked him when he was secretly lord.

by Roman Derkach 2 weeks ago

South Park better take on Biden harder than they did Hillary in 2016.

by Matthew McCall 2 weeks ago

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