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Justice Ginsburg on Trump's SCOTUS appointment

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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg spoke about a President-elect Donald Trump SCOTUS appointment and what it would mean to the high court.

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CNN photo 1 Justice Ginsburg on Trump's SCOTUS... CNN photo 2 Justice Ginsburg on Trump's SCOTUS... CNN photo 3 Justice Ginsburg on Trump's SCOTUS... CNN photo 4 Justice Ginsburg on Trump's SCOTUS...

Is Ruth still moving to New Zealand?

by todd 3 years ago

That didn't age well.

by Just Me 1 month ago

If she was so worried about her seat. Why didn’t she properly plan her retirement🤷🏻

by Anthony Drexler 1 month ago

"Eight is not a good number for a judicial body"
That depends on whether you want the Supreme Court deciding controversial issues. Maybe eight or even six is better.

by Mike Bolderstake 3 years ago

Trump should replace Ginsberg with a Black Female Republican .From the Appeal Courts that believes in the Constitution as Written.

by Stephen Nowinsky 8 months ago

Elections have consequences.

by rolback 1 month ago

“Interviewer: Is it important, in terms of the Court's overall work, to get this vacancy filled as soon as possible? I think the Chief Justice has mentioned the value of having a full compliment of justices.

RBG: Yes! Because 8 is not a good number for a collegial—a collegiate—body.”

by Texas BEAST 1 month ago


by TheRepublic 3 years ago

It is time to impose an age limit and mandatory retirement for the Supreme Court. Start with Ginsburg . . .

by Richard Fox 1 year ago

Kim kardashin for Supreme Court justice

by Bruce Sanchez 1 month ago

Justice Scalia's best buddy.

by Eric J 3 years ago

She only has herself to blame. Seriously! Since when does an elderly person who has just beaten cancer continue to remain in the workforce? Especially when focusing on their health should be their only priority.

by MrNckissfan 4 days ago

I never really looked into this woman until I looked at pictures of first trimester abortions and her name/support arose, now this lady is despicable in my eyes... she believes abortions are safer than birth...

by Kevin Izazaga 1 month ago

God, how old is she? You had a long career, it is about time to retire.

by bbob70 3 years ago

can someone answer this for me please.from what I've seen in this election and all the comments, is right where all idiots, hateful and arrogant freak sign up?I'm yet to see a trump supporter or team member constructing a comment that make sense to us (the rest of the world). don't hate, i'm just asking.

by L-e-gendary 3 years ago

A corpse sitting on a chair, cottonmouth ginsberg

by Jan Klaasma 1 year ago

Ok so two main things he promised. The wall, it's a fence now...and then the immigration, he's going soft on them, so that's not happening either. And then the Obamacare, keeping tow parts of it, that's the same thing as keeping the whole thing. You guys were made fools out of yourselves for voting for him. Imma peaceful protest

by NIS Studi 3 years ago

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