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EU excludes US citizens from visiting amid pandemic

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The European Union published its list of more than a dozen countries to start lifting travel restrictions. The US is not on that list. CNN's Hala Gorani and Frederik Pleitgen report.
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CNN photo 1 EU excludes US citizens from... CNN photo 2 EU excludes US citizens from... CNN photo 3 EU excludes US citizens from... CNN photo 4 EU excludes US citizens from...

Mexico will be barring americans too and urges trump to finish the wall fast.

by John McDonald 1 weeks ago

So Trump's Wall was to keep Americans in.

by CC TT 1 weeks ago

EU has realised stupidity is contagious hence the ban on US travellers

by K Walla 1 weeks ago

The most famous mass murderer in American history is not Ted Bundy...

by Conner Studio 1 weeks ago

American Exceptionalism has taken on a whole new meaning.

by dale sides 1 weeks ago

I don’t blame them lmfao in America wearing masks are considered a political position.

by f quint 1 weeks ago

"It's just a flu, nothing serious"
"Oh it's getting serious in EU, close up borders"
"It's here, but only in NY, no need to panic"
"It's everywhere, lock down everything"
"Oof it's getting warm this summer, I don't believe this virus is that bad, also we don't know how to cook"
"The virus isn't dieing down? Wait, we're not allowed in the EU now?"

by Blacksand 1 weeks ago

Those countries with less resources don't have an incompetent traitor being held up by idiots far a President.

by Kenneth Nash 1 weeks ago

We deserve not to travel. We can’t spread this into civilized countries.

by Michael Leyva 1 weeks ago

As an American, I dont blame them at all. I'd keep us out as well.

by m mats 1 weeks ago

Hell , no one would even want to visit the US now. Let alone allowing them to visit theirs 😂

by Tommy Lim 1 weeks ago

The land ofvthe free and the home of the brave.Looks more like the land of the DEAD and the home of the DUMB....

by Neil My 1 weeks ago

rest of the world: lets fight this virus.

Usa gov: 🤔umm..maybe its nothing. Should we quarantine? Maybe wear masks? 🤔

Usa ppl: your trying to take my guns, my freedom, your racist, you transphobes. Damm republicans, damm democrats.

Me: 😞im never going to be able to go back where i came from. 😢.

by RS1 1 weeks ago

Lol, US is one of the "richest" country in the world, but one of the worst for its own citizens.

by Haha MissMiss 1 weeks ago

Not surprising since we are the only country not taking this thing serious

by Charles Brown 1 weeks ago

Can we let Obama come back for a little while to fix everything Bunker baby traitor has broken?

by Kenneth Nash 1 weeks ago

Odd that they concentrate here on the countries' wealth and the "efficiency" of their health care systems. Non-American news sites make it clear that the EU has categorised countries according to their rates of covid-19 infection and decided to exclude travellers from those with high rates. Hence nobody from the US or Brazil.

by Faithless Hound 1 weeks ago

Pretty soon, every other country around the world will ban travel from the U.S. to them.

We will be trapped here with Agent Orange.😳

by TrumpIsBadForAmerica 1 weeks ago

Good choice. Things are not going well over here lmao.

by me? gongaga 1 weeks ago

Honestly, I'm ok with it. It isn't an economical or political dispute. It's to keep people safe. End of story. This should be happening.

by Random Autonomous Drone Pilot 1 weeks ago

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