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Couple pulls weapons on protesters cutting through their private street

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Protesters in St. Louis were walking on a private street when two armed individuals came out of a home brandishing weapons. The couple says their lives were threatened.
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CNN photo 1 Couple pulls weapons on protesters... CNN photo 2 Couple pulls weapons on protesters... CNN photo 3 Couple pulls weapons on protesters... CNN photo 4 Couple pulls weapons on protesters...

So, it’s not cool to defend your home but you can take over and defend a city block?? Huh.

by John DeHeer 1 weeks ago

Does cnn even read these comments and all there dislikes lol

by Anthony Lombardi 1 weeks ago

This is why CNN is losing all credibility . These people broke the couples gate and entered into their private property and had biller proof vests and guns . There was a visible sign that said no trespassing . Peaceful protests are their right but not on someone’s private property !

by Bruno Juno 1 weeks ago

This is why 2nd Amendment was born, leftist fussy out when they can’t loot, burn, kill, destroy

by Pyrradraconem 1 weeks ago

CNN cutting truth, embarrassment to news journalism.

by skateski 1 weeks ago

They broke into private property, not "cutting through".

by Robert Logic 1 weeks ago

Ok, so let's all start showing up in CNN reporter's front yards...

by John Zaskoda 1 weeks ago

"DOUBLE STANDARDS" The devil is a liar and so is..... yup, you guessed it.

by Dan O 1 weeks ago

Breaking a gate into a private community is not “peaceful protesting”.

by David Guba 1 weeks ago

They’re inside their own gates and the protestors were inside the couples gates. That’s breaking into someone’s private property

by Antonio Kim 1 weeks ago

What media shows = a couple with the guns
What media won’t show = a broken gate to the private property

by Eunsung Lee 1 weeks ago

I really didn’t want to click on a CNN video, but the comment section made up for it.

America has spoken: FAKE NEWS

by Mig Y 1 weeks ago

Typical CNN spin.
These people were threatened with violence and arson by a trespassing mob.
Good for them !

by D.A. Risse 1 weeks ago

The term is “TRESPASSING” CNN.

by Raptor 1 weeks ago

The moment an American pulls "this is a private property", he becomes a true American.

by Arshdeep Singh Bijral 1 weeks ago

They weren’t cutting through lying media! They tore down the gate! All trespassers should be jailed!

by Debra Charles 1 weeks ago

Just when you think CNN couldn't get any faker...SMFH

by Jay Bee 1 weeks ago

“Cutting through their private street” lmfao CNN is a joke.

by J. Kol34 1 weeks ago

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