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Burnett: Trump calls Dr. Birx pathetic after she tells the truth

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CNN's Erin Burnett criticizes President Donald Trump for saying coronavirus task force member Deborah Birx was "pathetic" for caving to Democrats after she told the truth about the coronavirus.
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CNN photo 1 Burnett: Trump calls Dr. Birx... CNN photo 2 Burnett: Trump calls Dr. Birx... CNN photo 3 Burnett: Trump calls Dr. Birx... CNN photo 4 Burnett: Trump calls Dr. Birx...

Trump is so full of it. He cannot open his mouth without lying.

by hifismiffy 4 months ago

Itโ€™s crazy that the USA is still discussing the need for masks and avoiding crowds

by Rob Lindner 5 months ago

This is why we have to "VOTE" people!

by annette g 5 months ago

Heโ€™s an evil villain that duped the people to vote him in.

by JC Demp75 4 months ago

Never cease to see how sleazy and low he can go. A real gutter rat!

by Judy Kinsman 5 months ago

Stop wearing masks and testing in the White House and LET CORONAVIRUS DO IT'S JOB, and SAVE US ALL!

by Catherine S. Todd 5 months ago

Trump is just lying to himself because he knows he's a failure

by Tabby Cat 5 months ago

What a super great quote! โ€œThe truth offends the President.โ€

by Joan Neigler 5 months ago

any leader who thinks they know everything is a danger to all!!!

by Lawrence Sullivan 5 months ago

Sorry Dr. Birx itโ€™s your time to be pushed out, and be replaced by a witch Doctor!

by Susan 5 months ago

Okay, Donald, youโ€™ve now convinced me. I WILL vote for Biden.

by KnoxTN Yankee 5 months ago

Why would anyone associate themselves with this man he is throwing everyone under the bus

by Randy Long 5 months ago

She was clearly biting her tongue when the orange utan proposed the desinfectant approach.

by Otto Normalverbrauch 4 months ago

As long as HE doesn't have the virus... the country is doing well ๐Ÿ™„

by CAT 5 months ago

Why donโ€™t you just tell trump to show his degrees in science health

by Midge Hobbs 5 months ago

Those countries are on their second wave, the U.S is still on the first wave

by way2kool89 5 months ago

itโ€™s funny HE callโ€™s people things that describe HIMSELF.

by Humble -one-1 5 months ago

All we had to do was shut down as much as possible for a month or so... we're still dealing with it because of these half-measures everywhere.

by Dom Fikowski 5 months ago

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