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Atlanta mayor: I'm at a loss by governor's decision to reopen

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CNN's Chris Cuomo speaks to Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms about Gov. Brian Kemp's decision to reopen several businesses across Georgia, amid coronavirus outbreaks.
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CNN photo 1 Atlanta mayor: I'm at a... CNN photo 2 Atlanta mayor: I'm at a... CNN photo 3 Atlanta mayor: I'm at a... CNN photo 4 Atlanta mayor: I'm at a...

Meanwhile, here in New Zealand, our government went into hard lockdown a month ago. We are now down to just five new cases today. We will have zero cases within the next week. The virus will be literally eradicated from our country.

Lockdowns work... but you’ve got to stick to them.

by Savannah Jackson 5 months ago

This governor' should frequent all those places along with his along with his family as a show of good faith Go First!!!

by Winston Bell 5 months ago

This the same mfkr that said “we didn’t know till yesterday”

by ausethredge 5 months ago

Governor: you can come out now
Me:LOL, no...

by Super Slash 5 months ago

Stimulus checks = reopening the economy.. things that make you go hmmm 🤔...

by Faithful Gem 5 months ago

A week ago the governor didn’t know how infectious this disease was

by Clegz561 5 months ago

When your "leaders" lack compassion or competence, things like this will happen.

by I am the original 5 months ago

Now I really wish that Stacey Abrams won instead of Brian Kemp, because she's not careless like him!

by Sam Harris 5 months ago

Best looking mayor I’ve seen in a long time

by 3rdminist3r 5 months ago

Be honest when they found out it was hitting minorities more they started caring less wake up people.

by Jeanette Gianni 5 months ago

Don’t worry, “ it’ll all work, it will be like a miracle “

by tina Haynes 5 months ago

Governor "I didn't know it can be spread by Asymptomatic people" needs to get infected by a scorching case of covid-19 fast. Maybe it'll ring some sense in that otherwise empty head of his. 🦠🤤

by D Jaquith 5 months ago

My 17thyear. son said the same,Mom the Governor say i go for my haircut. And i say let the Governor do his haircut first

by Ola 5 months ago

Isn’t the CDC in Georgia??
Isn’t this the same guy that didn’t know about the virus and how it spread?
Political agenda’s are a trip. Citizens are expendable.

by Strong Black Panther 5 months ago

The Governor's opening of his state is based on the timeline of a narcissist fool only worried about an up coming election period! Now when those voters in those states affected by a second wave that's more massive then the first. The failure rest on Two heads Trump and the Governors of those states. If you are lead by a fool
You could die like a fool by Covid-19.

by conrad cappwell 5 months ago

“If you are truly stupid, you not only do things stupidly, but in all likelihood are too stupid to realize how stupidly you are doing them.”

by Doc3d 5 months ago

The second waves of death will make the first look like childs play. Research 1918 flu and the deaths after restrictions were lifted

by Maddy young 5 months ago

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