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PS5 Games! Watch all the latest 4K gameplay trailers (September 2020)

CNET Highlights photo 1 PS5 Games! Watch all the... CNET Highlights photo 2 PS5 Games! Watch all the... CNET Highlights photo 3 PS5 Games! Watch all the... CNET Highlights photo 4 PS5 Games! Watch all the...

Final Fantasy XVI
Spiderman Miles Morales
Hogwarts Legacy
CoD Cold War
RE Village
oddworld soulstorm
FNaF security breach
Demons Souls

by Darkmaux 4real 1 month ago

That Hogwarts RPG looks cool. I think I'll do a mage build.

by TurdFurgeson571 1 month ago

Yeah, these are all cool and all. But for the past 7 years we’re still waiting for GTA6!!!!

by William Brock 1 month ago

I absolutely love how every single one of these trailers was made up of entirely in game footage and not the “in engine” or CGI trailers of last generation. We’re at a point where games look good enough to show them for what they are and that is fantastic.

by Cameron Pavelic 1 month ago

Just give me bully 2 on ps5 and il be happy.....that hogarth game strangely reminds me of bully

by Life Kicks 1 month ago

Lol and then comes useless fortnite in the end😂😂

by KJM 04 1 month ago

demon souls really what i didn’t expect honestly a lot better flame lurker looks amazing i wonder how the tower night will come out

by obeystars 1 month ago

They really need to remake Oblivion. Seriously.

by BANNED 1 month ago

That’s witch and wizard game looks cool.

by J.Lee 1 month ago

I thought this was as the avengers theme for a second

by wenloseN 1 month ago

Hold tf up did my man just vault over something in a souls game

by Cooper Donahue 1 month ago

Everything was fine until Fortnite came in... way to ruin the reveal...

by Draq Black 1 month ago

LOVING the sound design of the Demons Souls remake. SO GOOD!

by maiwei 1 month ago

Never been a fan of those types of games but DEMON SOULS sold me I'm definitely picking thay game up

by HYDE96 1 month ago

So when is Skyrim releasing on the PS5?

by Lunchboxer72 1 month ago

Looks like I’m hip firing the whole campaign

by EkoMate 1 month ago

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