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What’s Driving California’s Mass Exodus?

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As Oracle, Palantir and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise move their headquarters out of California and Elon Musk moves to Texas, California is considering raising taxes on the wealthy to unprecedented levels. Experts say California needs to find more ways to reverse the trend.
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What’s Driving California’s Mass Tech Exodus?

CNBC photo 1 What’s Driving California’s Mass Exodus? CNBC photo 2 What’s Driving California’s Mass Exodus? CNBC photo 3 What’s Driving California’s Mass Exodus? CNBC photo 4 What’s Driving California’s Mass Exodus?

Taxes Taxes Taxes and super high prices for low quality housing. SMH

by Wutaii1 Nostalgia 3 weeks ago

They move because of cost of living, taxes, and just wanting to get away from the crazy congestion.

by Joseph Bridges 3 days ago

housing is 50 percent higher? More like 6 times higher.

by da rey 3 days ago

Governors like the present one encourage people to leave!

by Neil 2 days ago

As a Californian, I'll summarize it for you why people are leaving the state:

- Highest tax rates in the nation
- Short supply of housing which is causing rent and house prices to skyrocket
- Not enough high paying jobs to go around

by Mi Da 3 days ago

Surprised it took people this long. CA, NY and other areas just makes 0 sense to live or work at. Super expensive for decades.

by Jimmy is Promo 3 weeks ago

I live in California, and trust me, the Exodus is real.

by Matt Glass 1 day ago

My dad told me his reasoning for leaving recently: “nice weather doesn’t pay the bills”... hit me hard

by Broken By Bob 1 day ago

Correction: Ben Shapiro moved his family and Business The Daily Wire to Tennessee, not Texas.

by Ave Gen 1 day ago

California needs to understand the phrase: Bite the hand that feeds you

by Mr. King Kitty 1 day ago

As a small business owner living in Norcal, the state has f****d us with the taxes. So yes, I can see why people are leaving at a record rate. We are a couple years away from our exodus.

by BlueRidgeSilverhound 2 weeks ago

They’ll all becoming back to California after the Great Texas Freeze.

by Kumar Desai 1 hour ago

When you keep raising taxes but keep giving less in return you are giving credence to the idea that taxation is theft.

by Trophy Guide 101 1 day ago

The bottom line: Profit. Here in Europe they set up in lower tax nations, in the US, low tax states.

by Pepe Galego 1 day ago

Remember when this video was called: "The rise and fall of California"

by Prajval Rao 2 days ago

It's funny to watch journalists try and figure out what the normal man already knows

by Kakka CarmenElectra 2 weeks ago

Interesting that this report, supposedly focusing on the state as a whole, was 100% about the northern tech sector. What's happening with Hollywood, and all the other dozens of sectors located south of the central valley?

by Hank Dearden 2 days ago

It was bad before the pandemic and now it's almost impossible to even live in Cali let alone start a business there.

by Brooklyn Gamer 77 2 days ago

As a second-generation Californian, privileged enough to own a home in So. Cal. Bought it in '90 when it was not as expensive. Also tried living in another state, lasted all of four months, way too homesick. I can not imagine living anywhere else. I know I could sell my home and live like a king somewhere else, but it would not be home.

by Richard Harden 1 day ago

The state can lose a million people and we’d still be overcrowded

by Gabriel Onate 3 days ago

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