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What Hong Kong Unrest Means For Asia’s Financial Hub

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Hong Kong has witnessed clashes between police and protesters since April, after the city government attempted to amend extradition laws to allow criminal suspects to be tried in mainland China. The change was seen by many as creeping influence from Beijing over the special administrative region. Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam soon pronounced the extradition bill ′ “dead” and apologized for how the situation was handled. But some experts think there’s more to the protests than just the extradition bill.
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What Hong Kong Unrest Means For Asia’s Financial Hub

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I was honestly surprised this content mentioned the increasingly strained housing issue and slowing growth in Hong Kong. It has been the main driver of discontent over there since the territory was returned to China and most news articles in the west simply ignores this while covering this and usually sticks to the political agenda only and nothing more. It's obvious whoever wrote this piece did their research.

by Bcat BB 1 year ago

At he said "For MNCs" as in Multinational Corporations not " For M and C's". Just a small correction to a very informative video :)

by Kai Murtagh 1 year ago

Amazing how CNBC channel content is fastly superior to NBC

by JS 1 year ago

That’s the thing. You will need to have money before you can leave.

by Jim Yu 1 year ago

Another example of a politically active young population while their elders are dormant. The young ones have more to lose!

by Nathan Costa 1 year ago

>CNBC ripping off Vice News' reporting style

by luke shaw 1 year ago

Just so you guys know Hong Kong does have unused land but just doesnt build there to keep lithe housing Market expensive because that's one way the city makes money.

by x x 1 year ago

While costs are definitely an underlying factor in the protest do not little the influence that Beijing is pushing upon HK. This is the major driving force of these protests, other grievances are all included in HK’er demands but CCP influence is the largest.

by Mcspazatron 1 year ago

The first Chief Executive of Hong Kong once proposed a project means to provide 85k housing each year, but Hong Kong people declined the project. The house owners protested the project would be harmful to their properties and the estate industry. As a result the housing project suspended. The governors also drafted different projects like to develop tech stuffs or other. But Hong Kong never adopted, they continued the speculation of the property market, on the other side, they have no other specialty besides financial industry and tour related services. That’s a disaster for any residents who live in a tour place. After all, Hong Kong people declined themselves all the chances to grow a different industry, they refused to take another path.

by Elliana L 1 year ago

they should have left while they had the chance, now the airport is closed LUL

by Will GG 1 year ago

Got a feeling a lot of Hong Kong citizens will end up in Taiwan...

by Adrian Rodriguez 1 year ago

China is sounding like China Number 2 so hard right now

by OmazingE30 1 year ago

After watching this video, Hong Kong would be an interesting place for a zombie outbreak to take place.

by Joshua Levy 1 year ago

Top 10 richest people in Hong Kong account for 35% of Hong Kong's GDP, which is extremely unbalanced, and most of them are doing real estate business. Every time Hong Kong government try to build cheap houses, artificial island for example, these capitalists will use media power to stop it based on so-called "environmental reason", despite the fact that only 7% lands are being used in Hong Kong.

Economic gap + fixed social status + high living cost = young people can't see the future

by TH 1 year ago

relocation of companies from hong kong to singapore may lead to increased costs of living in singapore,

by Mikhail Angel 1 year ago

I am from Hong Kong, this is definitely not about the housing problem in HK caused it.

by Heihei Yip 1 year ago

I think CNBC is the least bias of all the US news medias.

by Tango Zulu 11 months ago

I always thought the house pricing there is so out rages. They pay so much for so little.

by Ivon 1 year ago

What's going on in France with the strike?.

by Chris Diy 1 year ago

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