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Dining-in, events with crowds won’t resume immediately after Singapore’s circuit breaker is lifted

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Even as Singapore works out which industries will re-start after its circuit-breaker measures are lifted, activities like dining in F&B outlets or attending religious gatherings won’t resume until some time later. National Development Minister Lawrence Wong explains why in Parliament on Monday (May 4)..
READ: https://cna.asia/3b00xdT
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CNA photo 1 Dining-in, events with crowds won’t... CNA photo 2 Dining-in, events with crowds won’t... CNA photo 3 Dining-in, events with crowds won’t... CNA photo 4 Dining-in, events with crowds won’t...

Please everyone don't join ques for food or supermarket

by Rknin Rknin 5 months ago

gg open plan office... companies reap what they sow

by Qwerty Qwerty 5 months ago

The MP sitting behind should just mask up all the way to hide his sleeping eyes...😅

by A G 5 months ago

the guy behind is falling asleep

by Andy Ng 5 months ago

Fast food industry will survive with their deep pockets!

by Alvin Leong 5 months ago

> 4 May 2020

Mr Wong

Please let HOUSEHOLD SUNDRY Shops open

Nowhere could we find replacement of a BROKEN
Broom Stick Pot and Pan Dish Cloth Water Hose
Spatula or Leaky Tap

Try to UNDERSTAND the very Ordinary Folks

Thank You

by JFY YEO 5 months ago

Construction, those working on a certain project best stay within that project team. And stay within the same dorm building and same cluster.
No cross interaction physically.

Likewise, dining in and etc must still have contact tracing in place. Everywhere should have contact tracing involving. So if there is a spread, it can be trace down ASAP.

by Stan 5 months ago

incorporate the app in devices like fitbits that elderly can wear and add functions like heart monitoring, emergency alert features etc..

by Gary Anderson 5 months ago

Tilt his head back

by Den Yuan 5 months ago

Mr Baey Yam Keng doesn't have enough sleep lately

by jrukawa11 5 months ago

If u hv grasp the virus concept well, yr measures will be just right n effective. What i see so far r blanket measures, that makes lots of pple busy n some business close down for nothing.

by Des Chan 5 months ago

Do the bricks from home then ask Grabexpress to deliver

by kon tol 5 months ago

Can we agree that we cannot allow a Parliament cluster?

by Rudy Truly 5 months ago

Wah if a security officer sleeps u take action so fast..mp n minister sleeps no action taken...some more in parliament....🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

by Sivaji James 5 months ago

stop all the unproven measures la, just follow hk to mask on and resume life. you have never missed a paycheck, think about frontline fnb service staff

by Justin 5 months ago

Josephine and Lawrence got to go after this virus subsides. Josephine for poorly managing the FW living conditions and despite how poor she’s been, having a stuck up defensive mentality, possibly to safeguard her job.

Lawrence for poor performance as taskforce lead, failing to recognize fw blindspot, reactive instead of proactive measures, flip flopping and changing measures daily despite a very capable civil service doing all the legwork in terms of recommendations based on data.

by Danny Welbeck 5 months ago

Now finally they take a serious look at technology and not always dependent on labour.

by Victor Victor 5 months ago

Not allowing people to dine in is sounding the death knell for the F and B sector.

by Christine Tse 5 months ago

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