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The Hidden Side Of Philippines Beauty Pageants | Undercover Asia | Full Episode

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In the last decade, the Philippines won 9 international crowns, which triggered a surge in the number of beauty pageants and pageant hopefuls. But as more and more vie for attention in an increasingly crowded space, these pageants have become fertile hunting grounds for sexual predators. Undercover Asia strips away the glitz and glamour to expose how pageants are enabling exploitation to fester.
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About the series: Undercover Asia uncovers the hard truths in the underbelly of Asia and shines the light on the plight of the disenfranchised and the displaced. Find out what's the unexpected fallout in Indonesia from China’s decision to ban plastic waste; the causes and consequences of South Korea’s massive household debt; the rise of non-consensual porn in Singapore; and the dark side of the quest for white skin in the Philippines.
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Who would have thought a competition based on shallow rules is ran by shallow people who want to get their moneys worth from shallow girls who are just chasing shallow things such as money and fame?

by durianrider 5 months ago

We need more films like this to expose abuse in the Philippine pageants.

by lizmorcs3223 5 months ago

The fact that miss universe is together with the pics of animals that was hunted and killed says something how he sees this woman

by maddy s.r 5 months ago

Male pageants are worse than female pageants in terms of indecent proposals.

by Errol Jarogon 5 months ago

I don't see the merits on killing animals for sports, it's actually disgusting.

by Nakasusulasok na po 5 months ago

I highly doubt Chavit used his own money, he most likely used govt money for his own gain.

by alreadythen1 5 months ago

People who kill animals for entertainment are psychotic. Karma exists. Shooting animals from a distance to feed your ego isn't a "sport"

by Darla Zl 5 months ago

Picking up a gun, aiming it at the animal, pulling the trigger, IS NOT A SPORT.

by Kenneth Ho 5 months ago

Janina San Miguel earned my respect.
She has the guts to tell the truth about the dirty side of beauty pageants here in the Philippines, to think Janina doesn't deserve to win a crown due to her answer.

by jordan rosal 5 months ago

I didn't hear this documentary mention how dirty Chavit is. His son was once caught in HK carrying illegal drugs. Normally, this warrants death penalty but since he's the son of Singson, he got away with just jail time and he even came back and won a local position in his province.

Also, the Singsons are known to be a massively corrupt and incompetent government official. Just look at the poverty rate of his province against much money he has. I don't think there's any mystery on where that money came from.


by Raymond Chai 5 months ago

Chavit should be ashamed of himself, killing animals for trophy. One of these days karma will get to him, hopefully soon.

by Life Discoveries 5 months ago

"Youre a man. This is just a casual thing. This will be very quick"
Evidence that men can be abused too

by Albert Dionisio 5 months ago

Singson is the Philippines' own Joe Exotic... Everyone knows he's corrupt. Netflix, get him next please! 😂

by X Finity 5 months ago

Most of the comments here are so concerned about animals being killed, when "Humans" that are desperate are being taken advantage.

by Sha Lacerna 5 months ago

Id rather have My daughter be pleasing in the Eyes of GOD than men who would lust after her. Because truth be told, its not the approval, hits or likes of men that matters but of The Father, and a pure hearted soul is better than a famous celebrity, supported by Satan and his demonic army

by Rai Miranda 5 months ago

Philippines should stop patronizing pageants and focus on actual important matters. It has only become a cheap source of 'pride' for most Filipinos, but it doesn't solve anything.

by Rem Sulayman Sartola 5 months ago

not a verbatim but Gloria Diaz once said in the interview if you're the winner expect that you are no longer a virgin. and it's true...everywhere is sexual harassment

by Justice for me 5 months ago

Janina San MIguel, with your decision, you are way better than those women believed to be intelligent.

by Jesse Banluta 4 months ago

“But of all the animals here, this is the most beautiful animal in my collection.. The Miss Universe. *giggles*”

This is just sad.

by Angel Rus 4 months ago

Have people watched the entire documentary? Why is it that majority are talking about Chavit when there are a lot of pressing issues served here.

by HARVEY JADE T. ANG 5 months ago

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