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Nicki Minaj Fans CANCEL Doja Cat Over Her Shade!

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Doja Cat has gone viral again, but this time it has nothing to do with Tik Tok or her music. She’s currently tied up in a feud with Nicki Minaj fans AKA the Barbz on Twitter.Alright so Doja Cat is known for going viral whether it’s a meme, or one of her songs, or an iconic Tik Tok dance. But this time she’s going viral because of a feud with Nicki Minaj's fan base..
And if you aren’t super familiar with Nicki’s fans AKA the Barbz, you pretty much just need to know that you DON’T want to be on their bad side.
And Doja Cat learned that pretty quickly as they started using the hashtag, DojaCatIsOverParty hashtag on Twitter.

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This straight up childlish. She was talking about these toxic twitter users who can't stand a different opinion. This has nothing to do with a fan base nor Nicki Minaj. Twitter users are bullies for no reason.

by MOIRA 3 months ago

Omg, y’all leave Doja alone. All doja did was she said “I hate toxic twitter Stans” like- she wasn’t hating on Nicki.

by The True Facts 3 months ago

She honestly predicted she was gonna get canceled and said she doesn’t care.

by feel what you say 3 months ago

Megan Thee Stallion: i just sit back and observe

by ImJustRandom 3 months ago

This virus needs to pass real quick cause these “fans” got too much time on they hands.

by Akeem Alveranga 3 months ago

I love Tf out of nicki but her fans are toxic like I don't get why the barbs love nicki but make her look bad and stupid out here

by Tokyoxcx 3 months ago

it ain’t that deep, she was only calling out some ppl in that thread. y’all really tryna reach

by tammy wrld 3 months ago

She was quite right , there’s nothing to feel sorry about. Everybody knows twitter is toxic 😂

by Mayem Yoman 3 months ago

The thing I hate the most is when the “beehive” or the “barbs” go wild and the artist don’t speak up like girl get your minions on check

by Jenn 3 months ago

Once again drama was started because we just love to compare successful women, how annoying

by Ev 180 3 months ago

After they all attacked her she should’ve just tweeted out: “my point exactly.” 😂😂 I mean how can you get mad at someone calling you out for being toxic but u react in a toxic way sooooo is she right or is she wrong ? I’m a barb and I’m a huge fan of Doja. Unlike the rest of the Barbz, I actually have the balls to admit sometimes our fandom can get out of hands. Same for us Arianators, and same for us Army. We’re ALL toxic. Do you really think Nicki loves every single fandom especially when she’s always being compared to other female rappers ? Doja Cat is just real like that. Too bad all your faves are too fake to call out bitches for their shit.

by Sai Shirai 3 months ago

the real joke here is that people thought cardi should’ve been on the drawing

by * kayla * 3 months ago

The “Barbs” always seem to hate upcoming female rappers, they did it to Cardi , tried it with Megan, now Doja ...

by Tee Jay ❤️ 2 months ago

And now Nicki is on Doja’s song. Oops🤭, they tried.

by K M 2 months ago

She didn't even mention nicki, she said that people on Twitter take things too far. Y'all reaaaached for this one

by Trabelsi Syrine 3 months ago

doja isn’t cancelled. now they’re collaborating and it is going to be amazing

by end me 2 months ago

some people are such airheads, doja cat didn't even mention anything about Nicki. smh

by Angel•Dream 3 months ago

They are literally proving Doja's point with how they are reacting

by james madrid 3 months ago

Imagine telling an artist to redraw a drawing that took hours of work, seriously who ever do that is disgusting

by DemonKiddoo 3 months ago

she wasn't attacking nicki though, just mindless fans in general I suppose

by Nick 3 months ago

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