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How PlayStation and Xbox Name Their Consoles

CircleToonsHD photo 1 How PlayStation and Xbox Name... CircleToonsHD photo 2 How PlayStation and Xbox Name... CircleToonsHD photo 3 How PlayStation and Xbox Name... CircleToonsHD photo 4 How PlayStation and Xbox Name...

Honestly, I had so much fun making this stupid cartoon and was chuckling the whole time while editing it, so I hope you enjoyed it as well! <3

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by CircleToonsHD 4 days ago

Don’t pretend the PSVita wasn’t a thing 👀

by Macro 4 days ago

Then there's Nintendo, where they just tip Miyamoto upside down and use whatever noise he makes as a name.

by Cookie Skoon 2 days ago

Fun fact: the person that named the second movie of cars got paid more than what you will make in a year he named it "cars 2"

by Alex Paraskeuopoulos 1 day ago

Playstation: Basic numbers

Xbox: The password that gets recommended whenever you are making a new account

Edit: No please this was just a funny comment you're supposed to go haha not have an argument in the replies noo

by Mighty_Robo 2 days ago

Your name: John Playstation
Your job: counting.

by NateTheNerdy 3 days ago

“Here we Have our fifth console, the Xbox one”

unlimited IQ

by King Nugget II 1 day ago

Sony: simple math
Microsoft: Algebra
Nintendo: Here's a random word that we're going to use to name our newest console

by Angel Carballo 1 day ago

Samsungs Naming is worse I lost track- like Jesus crist what’s next samsung plus lg mega x triple camera wide screen scroll

by Jefferson Pinto 1 day ago

The duality of man
one side: very complicated

the other side: simple is better

by Draconic Games 1 day ago

Can we beat up Tyler?

by TJ Toons 4 days ago

It should've been a two year old like: "pwaystasion waaan, tooo, treeee, forrr, ffiiivvvveee!!!!"

by oof on among us ! 1 day ago

We got the Nintendo Entertainment System. It's a system designed to entertain. Next is the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It's like the last one, but super. Then the Nintendo 64, which has 64-bit graphics and... Wait that's all? After that is the GameCube. We named it that because it's shaped like a cube. Then the Wii, with its casual and multiplayer focus, we thought WE should name it the WII. Then the Wii U. It's like the Wii, but lonely because it's not we. It's just you. And the Switch. It's named after its ability to switch from one thing to another. Handheld to TV screen, one controller to two, and so on.

by Joey Roth 3 days ago

“Xbox Series X”
So that’s what the S stands for...

by Anything Goes 2 days ago

Playstation: Counting
Xbox: The default file name when downloading a picture off google images

by I like oreos 47 1 day ago

I will never get over the fact that the acronym for “X Box One X” is just “XBOX”.

by Captain Wobbs 4 days ago

I was really hoping that the person naming Playstations was a baby learning how to count

by navster10 2 days ago

Xbox: *makes a complicated naming scheme
Kingdom Hearts: Finally, a worthy opponent...

by Joey Foster 1 day ago

In the future:
Microsoft: ... Behold the Xbox 2S (the 13 console)
Sony: Yeah we got the PlayStation 10/X

by Shell knight 2 days ago

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