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How PlayStation and Xbox Name Their Consoles

CircleToonsHD photo 1 How PlayStation and Xbox Name... CircleToonsHD photo 2 How PlayStation and Xbox Name... CircleToonsHD photo 3 How PlayStation and Xbox Name... CircleToonsHD photo 4 How PlayStation and Xbox Name...

Honestly, I had so much fun making this stupid cartoon and was chuckling the whole time while editing it, so I hope you enjoyed it as well! <3

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by CircleToonsHD 3 months ago

Don’t pretend the PSVita wasn’t a thing 👀

by Macro 3 months ago

"Hi, I'm Sega, our last console was named the Dreamcast because the money we hoped to acquire with that thing will forever be just a dream"

by Gabriel Duncan 4 weeks ago

xbox 360 - s
xbox 360 - e
xbox one - x

Edit: bro chill with the comments

by dqrkgrqy 3 months ago

As Bender bending Rodriguez once said...

The X makes it sound cool.

by SXR123 4 weeks ago

Microsoft we like the letter X.
Sony we like counting.
Nintendo we like drugs.

by Ghost Busters3334 1 month ago

The stupid thing about Xbox is that the logo is a circle. Not a box.

by Flexible TRex 3 months ago

Sony: so our next console is the........ PS6.
Everybody: He is the Messiah!

by Sad Linus 1 month ago

The way X-BOX is naming their consoles in 20 years not even the people in Microsoft will know which is the newer one.

by Universal Space Expeditioner 1 month ago

Meanwhile at Nintendo: Our console’s names range from acronyms, to strange words, to the whole gimmick of our consoles, take it or leave it.

by Henry Cervantes 1 month ago

I will never get over the fact that the acronym for “X Box One X” is just “XBOX”.

by Captain Wobbs 3 months ago

PlayStation users: I wonder how Xbox’s doing.
•Typing noises•
PS User: Wait a minute- they made 360 consoles?!

by Alphycan424 1 month ago

Xbox : Well we just...

PS : HOw DOes hE do IT?!?!?!??!?

by O - O 3 months ago

Nintendo: Hey name-picker guy, open a dictionary
Name picker guy: Ok, I got... we
Nintendo: Hmm... what if we spell it weird

by Beanbot Productions 3 months ago

"I had to buy it from a scalper on E-Bay for $14,000" That part had me WEAK.

by bcvbb hyui 3 months ago

Then there's Nintendo, where they just tip Miyamoto upside down and use whatever noise he makes as a name.

by Cookie Skoon 3 months ago

The PS5 is the most expensive, rare, and exotic console ever. unobtainable for the poor...

by Just call me SpectrCC 1 month ago

"Hi my name is Mr PlayStation"
Made by PlayStation

by Hat Kid 4 weeks ago

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