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How To Beat: Don't Breathe

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If you were trapped in a house, hunted down by a blind special forces killer, and you can’t make a sound… what would you do?.
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“And you can’t make a sound... what would you do?”
Don’t make a sound. Easy.

by ꟻ ii_ TinGyPEr ꟻ 4 weeks ago

The movie: don't breathe
Eminem: laughs in rap god

by LaTina M.C 2 weeks ago

The filmmakers realised people would be rooting for the blind guy, so they had to make him an absolute madman who straps people up in his basement

by Tyrannapus And Friends 2 months ago

who’s gonna tell him the picture of his daughter is upside down! NOT ME😟🔫

by 2 Pabos 3 weeks ago

There should be a video about “How to beat the burglars in Don’t Breathe (POV ur blind)”

by Cowboy Max10 1 week ago

That sperm injection torture thing is the most terrifying thing I can imagine

by Doodle Dude 2 weeks ago

No one:
Cinema Summary: casually explaining how to rob a blind veteran's house

by M. Antônio 6 days ago

How to beat Don’t Breathe:
Expectations: Don’t make any noise

Reality: Just don’t f*cking rob houses

by Kawaii伝説 2 months ago

First mistake: robbing the house of a military veteran when you should damn well know they be packin heat.

by Bcav712 6 days ago

With that money he could have literally adopted a daughter

by Storm Star 1 week ago

The Veteran Stats:
HP: ???
DEF: ???
ATK: 666
Strength: Ultimate Aimer
Weakness: Distraction

by Lowest Foul 3 days ago

Honestly in my opinion she didn’t deserve to get out she literally almost killed the veteran got her two friends killed got the women killed hurt the dog broke the mans whole house and left with all the money not caring about her friends just so she can skip the state with her sistwr

by The Random Nation 2 days ago

I just realized my mans is teaching us how to break into a blind mans house. Take notes people

by Squeezey Lemon 1 month ago

How to beat “don’t breath” :
1:don’t rob the blind mans house

by wolfdog980 34 3 days ago

After the movie I would go hide somewhere remote with my daughter, because the blind man can't see, so the police can't make a sketch. But based on these character's luck I'll probably end up meeting those cannibals from Wrong Turn.

by MRPENNYMISER 1 week ago

Not a soul:
Not even my cat:
Me: ThAtS tHe KiD fRoM GoOSe BuMpS

by • Whovian • 1 day ago

Alternate Title: Why you can't survive the quite kid

by insert name here 3 weeks ago

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