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You Should Have Left - Movie Review

#Film #Avery Essex #2020 #Movie Review #Entertainment
Chris Stuckmann reviews You Should Have Left, starring Kavin Bacon, Amanda Seyfried, Avery Essex, Geoff Bell. Directed by David Koepp.

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"I was really looking forward to this movie" uh oh

by womp womp 1 month ago

You should go to a walmart, stick your hand in the bottom of the movie bin, and review whatever terrible film you pull out

by The F0x 1 month ago

YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT the theatre- oh yeah can’t make that joke.

by Sorncer 1 month ago

This should have been titles, You Should Have Left the theater.

by mav gf 1 day ago

I thought for sure Amanda Seyfried was playing his daughter . . . . His wife? He is 61 and she’s 34. Bruh please . . . .

by slonekettering25 1 month ago

A novelist loses his mind in a secluded location
You mean the shining

by Michael Myers 1 month ago

The whole weird sized house thing is straight from the book 'The House of Leaves'

by Sam J 1 month ago

Sounds like the director read House Of Leaves recently. XD

by EndlessPaleMist 1 month ago

“A horror movie starring a struggling writer with a troubled past bringing his family to a secluded house in the middle of nowhere, where strange creepy stuff happens.”

Bro, that's the premise of The Shining.

by Layne Bosler 1 month ago

The scariest thing about this is the light bill he's gonna get.

by II QuietRiot II 1 month ago

Chris-- The movie specifically says that he was retired and wealthy. He even talks about how success came too quickly for him.

by davrosdaleks1 1 month ago

Amanda looks like she should be Kevin's daughter and the little girl his granddaughter 😂

by Black Daria 1 month ago

this entire movie sounds like it's riping off the shining+house of leaves at the same time

by Yeet Or Be Yeeted 1 month ago

They tried to rip off the amazing horror novel "House of leaves."

by Marc L 1 month ago

The title of the movie is literally telling you to leave the movie theatre and you're a sucker for staying to watch it.

by Eye of the Tiger [][][] 1 month ago

2020 June Movies Ranked Worst To Best
1. Da 5 Bloods: A
2. You Should Have Left: C-
3. Artemis Fowl: D-

by Cole REVIEWS 1 day ago

"The film is about a man and his family".... Kevin Bacon is 61 and she is 34. Yeah I'll buy that for a dollar

by Chaz Mahoney 1 month ago

The little girl was the best thing in this movie, I thought her acting was phenomenal.

by angelinajoanie 1 month ago

fun fact: amanda seyfried wasn't born yet when footloose came out

by Basketvector 1 month ago

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